Human Rights Opportunities

by Edwin
(Oro City, Phillipines)

Thanks for giving attention to my short note. Advance Africa offers a wide array of opportunities. At the global setting, Africa is much more advance in terms of human rights undertakings compared to the Asian Region. To name a few, at least Africa has its Human Rights Council as a Region, (African Human Rights Council). The Asian Region has yet to come up with one; There are many human rights institutions and centers for the advancement of human rights in general and other opportunities for total human development.

Hence, I am exploring some possibilies of having an international exposure to broaden the perspective of human rights work. I had been working for human rights advocacy for almost 20 years. Thus, I am digging the web an looking for scholarships relative to human rights advocacy.

Sharing of resources in terms of further studies, training, seminars, grants and scholarships could be one noble endeavour. Convergence of experience and sharing of best practices on human rights and international humanitarian law, and other thematic concerns for human rights, i.e. rights for special sectors could be another one.

The way I look at human rights work is - it is everybody's task. All for human rights and human rights for all.

Looking forward to sharing with you some of our local and indigenous experience of human rights work and advancing our perspective for a global concern for human rights.

Many thanks.

Your friend,

Commission on Human Rights (of the Philippines)
Regional Office No. 10
2nd Floor, Ong's Building
Yacapin/Roxas Streets
9000 Cagayan de Oro City

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