HST Consulting Plc Trainer Jobs in Ethiopia

HST Consulting Plc Trainer Jobs in Ethiopia

Job Id: 222549

Category: Human Resource and Recruitment, Management

Location: Addis Ababa

Career Level: Mid Level ( 2+ - 5 years experience)


Job Description

HST is a knowledge company that provides services to clients across various industries.
HST endeavors to help its clients solve their business growth, operational, people, financial, tax, governance, risk, learning and compliance challenges with locally relevant solutions.

As a local professional service firm, HST offers best practices that fully consider its clients’ unique circumstances and the social, political and economic environment they are operating in.

Through its Learning Solutions Department, HST offers training programs tailored to the specific needs of its clients and are designed to address the skill gaps that are identified through appropriate training need assessments.

HST’s Learning Solutions Department is powered by highly qualified and best in class trainers and human capital experts who are well experienced in adult training techniques and are attuned to the local business environment.

The firm’s professionals are supported by up-to-date knowledge and modern technology which allows them to efficiently provide solutions to clients’ issues that matters most.

Training is a profession which requires passion and an appreciation of the tools, strategies, and delivery systems which make training events effective and memorable in the minds of the target group.

Making a training experience effective and memorable requires more than developing a training content and using a beautifully designed PowerPoint presentation.

It requires careful planning and involves identifying the skills and knowledge gaps that need to be filled through the training program, identifying the learning objectives that must be met and, implementing strategies which will lead trainees through a process of self-learning and a sense of self-discovery.

HST would like to recruit professionals who possess personal attributes and experience as trainers and have an open mind to learning new methods of training delivery.

Among others, individuals who take up the position at HST will be involved in
the following types of tasks

  • Conducting training needs assessments on target corporate customers to identify skill and knowledge gaps
  • Preparing and adapting training materials, developing relevant case studies and activities that reflect local and sector-specific issues and enrich the training experience
  • Overseeing the production of handouts, instructional materials, videos,manuals and other teaching aids
  • Planning and coordinating training events organized by the firm
  • Participating in training delivery
  • Monitoring the learning experiences of trainees and the feedback obtained from client organizations
  • Participating (when appropriate) in post-training assessments to ensure incorporation of taught skills and techniques into employees’ work behavior
  • Participating in the periodic evaluation of ongoing programs of the firm to ensure that they stay relevant to changes in the environment and the requirements of clients
  • Staying abreast of new trends and tools in employee development issues

    Job Requirements

    Education, Experience, and Skills Required

  • Master’s degree or equivalent in Management, HR or related fields
  • Two - three years teaching; experience in training delivery in corporate
    settings preferable
  • Computer literacy and proficiency in the MS Office Software family
  • Exposure to instructional design theory and adult training techniques will be
    an advantage

    Core Personal Competencies Required

  • A demonstrated competency in the desire to engage people in general
    (communicativeness) and an ability to get along with diverse personalities
    including adult trainees with tact and sensitivity
  • High levels of proficiency in all dimensions of the communication competency
    (oral, presentation, writing, active listening etc.)
  • A high level of learning agility
  • A demonstrated capacity for simplifying, blending and contextualizing complex
    concepts, theories and models to fit the requirements of a variety of local
    audiences and trainees

    How to Apply

    Applicants who fulfill the above qualification can send their application and
    required credentials by e-mail to: info@hst-et.com or submit their application
    in person to the Human Resources Officer at Wollo Sefer, Mina Building, 5th
    Floor until 30 September 2019. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted
    for next stage evaluation.

    HST Consulting Plc Trainer Jobs in Ethiopia

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