How to Get a Master Scholarship?

by Ezenagu

I graduated with a B.Sc in Sociology & Anthropology from the University of Nigeria. I have one year lecturing experience at a polytechnic in my locale where served as a graduate assistant during my National Youth Service Corp., a one year compulsory programme for every Nigeria graduate. I have the ambition to further my studies abroad in the area of Women issues and Gender Studies. I, must admit that I have tried all possible means of getting a scholarship on line but to no avail. It is either am not qualified or do not meet the requirements. Yet, my desire to actualize my dreams hunts me every other day of my life. I humbly request your assistance in helping conquer this tasteful question in life.

***** Considering that we do not sponsor, I am not in a position to clearly state the requirements for one to be funded. The scholarships on our site are offered by many different organizations and they have distinct ways of selection. You have to look at a scholarship to know the eligibility criteria as is usually stated there.

Have a glance at the article below - it can provide information that will be helpful.

Look at: Master Scholarship

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