Grazie Mille!!!!!

by Moses Akadimah
(Bologna, Italy)

Grande Mosè

Grande Mosè

Big Joe, I think you're doing great to unearth the potential talents of the African, whom seemed to have declared him/herself---"Good for nothing" "Poverty Stricken". This medium has offered us more hope, despite our mind set that the other part of world is the best place(Heaven )and superior to ours. We can easily build that confidence through these scholarships scheme and programmes, which will enable us to compete favourably in the global world.

I suggest you search for scholarships that may not be necessary tied to institutions, but be opened to you for any institution of your choice.

Most scholarships give us age limitations. The African has to struggle at a certain age to go to school due to some factors. He/She may enter the University at the age of 30 or more. Therefore there should some consideration and flexibility in these schemes encourage all who are capable and desirous to go ahead.

I also want more job opportunities on the website for prospective professionals.

Ciao Joe and stay bless.



Thanks Moses. Most obliged!


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