Grade 6 Assessment Results to be Released on Monday

Grade 6 Assessment Results to be Released on Monday

Over 1.26 million students who sat the Grade 6 summative assessment will receive their results on Monday, January 16.

A senior Knec official told the Star in confidence that the initial plan to release results on Monday still stands.

"We are working towards that as we had earlier promised in December, and we will have the results on Monday, in case of anything the council will communicate," the official said.

Speaking during the release of KCPE results in December, KNEC CEO David Njengere said the results will come in three reports.

This follows recommendations by the education review team that sought to do away with KPSEA as a placement tool for Grade 7.

“We will get back to KICD and tell them areas that need to be adjusted in the curriculum designs, and we will do the same with TSC,” Njengere told the Star.

The examinations council, therefore, decided to use the results to assess the progress of the Competency-Based Curriculum.

This means the results will not be used to determine which school a learner is enrolled in now that they will remain in primary school.

"It will guide teachers on strands that require intervention in teaching and learning," Njengere said.

The report has been broken down into Individual Learners Report, School Specific Report, and a National Report on School Based Assessment and Summative Assessment.

The national report will be used to
provide feedback to education stakeholders on areas that require intervention.

"The report will indicate the proportion of learners at each of the permanence levels per subject and strand," he said.

Njengere added that school-specific reports will have their scope limited to individual schools.

The learners will also get Individual learners reports that will indicate the learner's performance level in specific subjects or strands.

"This will include acquisition of values and core competencies and performance level in specific subjects," Njengere added.

Parents and students will be able to access their results in school portals by January 16.

With TSC, Njengere said the results will help identify areas where teachers have been struggling to deliver.

Even with the ongoing teachers’ professional development, TSC will be able to pull weight on specific areas that need adjustment.

“We will inform TSC of specific areas where teachers are struggling to deliver in the curriculum,” he said.

For instance, if the results show most learners had issues comprehending cooking, then TSC will have to inculcate that in their training.

In the report, the stakeholders said KPSEA will be used to monitor learning progress.

"It will be used as an assessment to monitor learning progress and provide feedback to education sector players on areas that require intervention," the report reads.

The role of the Ministry of Education will be pegged on equity, access to education, and the general running of the CBC.

The Star - Saturday 14th January 2023

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