Gebeya Developer As A Service Plc Finance Associate Jobs in Ethiopia

Gebeya Developer As A Service Plc Finance Associate Jobs in Ethiopia

Job Id: 220198

Category: Accounting and Finance
Location: Addis Ababa

Job Description

A Finance Associate at Gebeya performs primarily financial and accounting tasks. These include managing accounting records, offering advice on fiscal procedures, preparing & monitoring budgets, preparing financial reports, handling payments, and preparing payroll.

Such a professional must understand the intricacies of finance and accounting and should be comfortable working with numbers. He/she will work closely with the executive team, advising them on different reports, best practices and relevant accounting and financial data.

Finance Associate Duties and Responsibilities

  • Prepare Budgets: The Finance Associate will assist with the company yearly operating budget. This includes helping to develop, analyze, and interpreting statistical and accounting information to evaluate operating results in terms of profitability and performance against budget.
  • Compile Financial Reports: The Finance Associate will prepare reports that outline the company’s financial position regarding income, expenses, and earnings based on past, present, and future operations.

    This will include revising and updating reports to be more useful and efficient as well as furnishing external reports with the approval of management as may from time to time be necessary.
  • Assist with Audits: The Finance Associate will assist with audits, reviews, and tax preparation.
    He/she will be responsible for closely examining financial and accounting records, compiling data, and conducting financial reviews in preparation for audits.
    As such, the candidate for this position must be familiar with recognized accounting standards and also have a basic understanding of the tax laws in Ethiopia.
  • Compliance Assistance: The Finance Associate will help review existing policies as well as develop and implement new ones should there be need.
    He/she should also be ready to assist with procedures and best practices for Gebeya’s financial and accounting operations and for general compliance.
  • Manage Receivables and Payables: The Finance Associate should be comfortable managing payables as well as receivables.
    He/she should be able to maintain an ageing schedule at all times and inform management of any material inflows or outflows anticipated.
  • Any other duties: over time to time, other duties not described above may arise which require the attention of the Finance Associate.
    As the intention of the position is to help Gebeya run its Finances smoothly, the candidate for this position is expected to be flexible and open to new challenges.

    Job Requirements

    Finance Associate Skills and Qualifications

    An ideal candidate for this position should be entrepreneurial, analytical, detail-oriented and a strategic thinker.

    He/she should have strong reporting experience and be familiar with popular financial software systems especially Quickbooks which is the software currently being used by Gebeya. In addition, the following abilities will be an added advantage:

    Communication skills – As the Finance Associate will work cohesively within other teams within the organization, he/she must be a strong, detailed communicator. Demonstrable written communication skills are also important, especially when compiling financial reports.

    Attention to detail – As the Finance Associate will review and prepare reports and financial statements, a keen and observant eye is paramount.

    Adaptability – The Finance Associate will work with different teams based in different geographical locations. As such, they will need to be flexible and adaptable; with the ability to comfortably operate in a matrixed environment.

    Problem-solving skills – The Finance Associate should be a natural problem-solver. This is because reports and statements often have discrepancies that result in the need to research, escalate, and resolve issues effectively.

    Finance Associate Education

  • An ideal candidate for this position should have a bachelor’s degree in accounting, finance, or a related field.
  • Previous experience working as a finance associate or a similar position is an added advantage.

    How to Apply

    Interested and qualified applicants can send their CVs to the following email address.

    Gebeya Developer As A Service Plc Finance Associate Jobs in Ethiopia

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