Fully Funded UNAOC Opens Applications for the Young Peacebuilders Programme in Latin America and the Caribbean

Fully Funded UNAOC Opens Applications for the Young Peacebuilders Programme in Latin America and the Caribbean

The United Nations Alliance of Civilizations (UNAOC) is thrilled to announce the launch of applications for the 2024 Young Peacebuilders programme. This initiative focuses on Latin America and the Caribbean, aiming to empower young individuals between the ages of 18 and 25 in the region. They are encouraged to play an active role in their communities by fostering understanding and collaboration among diverse cultures and religions.

Calling Young Leaders: Make an Impact

UNAOC invites applications from passionate young leaders who aspire to be catalysts for positive change. The programme seeks to select 20 young civil society leaders to participate in a comprehensive capacity-building experience. This journey includes interactive online sessions, a week-long face-to-face workshop, and the opportunity to implement peace initiatives in their respective communities, all under the guidance and mentorship of UNAOC trainers.

Building Essential Skills for Peace

Participants in the Young Peacebuilders programme will gain valuable insights and skills in various areas, including:

  • Conflict Mediation: Learn techniques to resolve conflicts peacefully.

  • Intercultural and Interfaith Dialogue: Promote understanding among different cultures and religions.

  • Media and Information Literacy: Navigate the world of media with critical thinking.

  • Project Management: Develop effective project planning and execution skills.

  • Debating Skills: Enhance the ability to engage constructively in discussions.

  • Social and Emotional Skills: Strengthen interpersonal and emotional intelligence.

  • Sharing Success: Amplifying Impact

  • Upon completing the programme, participants will have the opportunity to showcase their
    experiences, achievements, lessons learned, and recommendations to a wider audience. This platform will include practitioners, United Nations representatives, policymakers, media entities, and civil society representatives, enabling them to raise awareness about their initiatives aimed at promoting diversity and mutual understanding.

    Support from AEXCID: A Path to Inclusivity and Peace

    The Young Peacebuilders programme is made possible through the generous support of the Agencia Extremeña de Cooperación Internacional para el Desarrollo (AEXCID). This initiative is committed to helping young leaders create more inclusive and peaceful societies by challenging stereotypes, addressing prejudice, and combatting polarization. It also equips participants with the skills and knowledge needed to actively contribute to decision-making processes.

    Together for a Brighter Future

    Join us in shaping a brighter future by becoming a part of the UNAOC Young Peacebuilders programme in 2024. Together, we can promote diversity, mutual understanding, and lasting peace in Latin America and the Caribbean.

    How to Apply

    For more information and job application details, see; Fully Funded UNAOC Opens Applications for the Young Peacebuilders Programme in Latin America and the Caribbean

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