Fully Funded Compassionate Integrity Training for Educators in Africa

Fully Funded Compassionate Integrity Training for Educators in Africa

  • In collaboration with Life University and The Global Youth Alliance for Kindness, Mindful African Initiative is sponsoring a limited number of passionate and committed educators in Africa to participate in the Compassionate Integrity Training (CIT) program, to cultivate essential skills that will help them develop greater resiliency, and adequately adapt to the ever-transforming education system.

  • CIT is a multi-part training program that cultivates basic human values as skills for the purpose of increasing individual, social and environmental flourishing.

  • The program focuses on and builds towards “Compassionate Integrity” – the ability to live one’s life in accordance with one’s values with a recognition of common humanity, the basic orientation to kindness, and reciprocity.

  • Compassionate Integrity is achieved as a result of building up knowledge, understanding, and a set of concrete skills, and is what guards against actions that compromise the well-being of oneself and others, therefore cultivating it in one’s life and in one’s community directly impacts individual and collective flourishing.

    CIT comprises three series, each with a set of skills covered:

  • Self-Cultivation (Calming Body and Mind, Ethical Mindfulness, Emotional Awareness, and Self-compassion).

  • Relating to Others (Impartiality and Common Humanity, Forgiveness and Gratitude, Empathic Concern, Compassion).

  • Engaging in Systems (Appreciating Interdependence, Engaging with Discernment).

  • The skills build on from the previous skill with each series, starting with exploring the self, moving to focus on others, and finally transitioning to wider networks and systems that they are part of and engage with.

    Course Duration

  • The CIT course comprises 10 skills that are completed through online/offline facilitated sessions, reflective writing, and contemplative journaling.

  • It will take one 2-hour session to facilitate 1 skill.

  • This training course will spread over 10 weeks (1 skill will be facilitated every week).

  • The training will start on Monday 28th September 2020 at 11 am GMT and the sessions will be held every Monday same time for all the sessions.

  • Note that there are no assignments and or tests in CIT.

    How to Apply

    For more information and job application details, see; Fully Funded Compassionate Integrity Training for Educators in Africa

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