FSSP Ethiopia, WUSC Democratic Governance Technical Specialist Jobs in Ethiopia

FSSP Ethiopia, WUSC Democratic Governance Technical Specialist Jobs in Ethiopia

Job Id: 226224

Category: Consultancy and Training

Location: Addis Ababa

Career Level: Senior Level (5+ years experience)

Employment Type: Part time


Job Description

1. Democratic Governance Technical Specialist

1.1 Background:

Ensuring good governance, strengthening public oversight institutions, building democratic institutions, strengthening the federal system and encouraging democratic participation of its citizens in the national development process are priorities addressed in the GTP II.

Through its Feminist International Assistance Policy (FIAP), Canada is committed to support the Government of Ethiopia in promoting inclusive governance and democratic participation in national development efforts as well as to increase women’s influence in government decision-making.

Canada works with the House of Federation to address challenges and opportunities in Ethiopia’s federal governance with the aim of creating a strengthened and more responsive federal system.

1.2. Objective

Canada’s bilateral development program in Ethiopia aims to achieve meaningful, sustainable results that are in line with Ethiopia’s poverty reduction plans and priorities.

In order to deliver its programs and projects in Ethiopia, the Embassy of Canada uses Technical Advisors to provide expert technical services in a variety of sectors and sub-sectors.

In addition, the Technical Specialist will provide analysis and technical services and other diverse tasks in the areas of democratic governance to ensure strong results at a program level and the effective and efficient results-based management of Global Affairs Canada’s projects in Ethiopia.

1.3 Scope of work / key activities

Activities of the Democratic Governance specialist will include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Contribute to the assessment of public procurement systems currently underway by the Government of Ethiopia;

  • Contribute to project evaluations and reviews, included reviews of the Global Affairs Canada funded Strengthening Federal Governance and Pluralism Project, by preparing draft terms of reference, participating in the selection process of consultant firm services and monitoring the review process;

  • Review and comment on project documents such as project implementation plans, logic models, performance measurement frameworks, annual work plans, narrative progress reports, and monitoring and evaluation reports;

  • Analyse reports, papers, guidance notes, success stories, lessons learned, briefing notes, and the Feminist International Assistance Policy (FIAP) implementation guidelines;

  • Analyse Policy dialogue and provide recommandations;

  • Organize and execute project monitoring activities;

  • Ensure communication, coordination and collaboration through the development of communication materials, convening partners generally and within sector program areas;

  • Ensure effective coordination and collaboration among sector cluster projects and participate in coordination meetings;

  • Organize and participate in program related events; and,

  • Organize and participate in field missions.

    Job Requirements

    1.4 Required Competencies and Experience

    a) Essential

  • University degree in social sciences, political science, law, or a mix of adequate education and relevant working experience;

  • Minimum 7 years of demonstrated professional experience in delivering technical advice in democratic governance in Ethiopia in the last 10 years to international donor agencies on complex international development projects, including cooperating with key stakeholders (i.e. donors, UN agencies, Government of Ethiopia’s line ministries);

  • Relevant experience related to strengthening public oversight institutions, strengthening Ethiopia federal system, building democratic institutions, and encouraging democratic participation of citizens in the national development process;

  • Relevant experience related to public procurement systems;

  • Experience providing analysis and advice and drafting and analysing reports, briefing materials, speeches and other communication materials for diverse audiences, including senior officials;

  • Relevant and demonstrable work experience in providing technical advice to international donor agencies on large international development projects, including cooperating with key stakeholders in Ethiopia (i.e. donors, UN agencies, Government of Ethiopia’s line ministries and agencies);

  • Demonstrable knowledge of Global Affairs Canada’s result-based management policy and tools and aid effectiveness principles;

  • Demonstrable knowledge of gender equality concepts, analytical and programming tools; and,

  • Demonstrable knowledge of Ethiopia’s economic and social development plans and strategies related to governance and civil society, including GTP II.

    b) Abilities (essential)

  • Excellent oral and written communication skills in English and Amharic;

  • Proven analytical capacity; proven ability to synthesize information based on various sources of information and present written recommendations; and,

  • Capacity to work independently and under tight deadlines.

    c) Abilities and Experience (not essential)

  • Understanding of federal governance challenges and opportunities in Ethiopia.

  • Past working experience with Global Affairs Canada; and,

  • Knowledge of Global Affairs Canada’s Feminist International Assistance Policy (FIAP).

    1.5 Time frame:

    The consultant will be available from November 2019 – March 2021

    1.6 Level of effort

    The consultant could be required to work for up to 10 days per month during the period indicated in section 1.5 above.

    How to Apply

    B) Application Instructions and Conditions

    Interested Candidates should submit a Technical proposal containing:

  • A statement of intent, CV and at least three work related referees and their contact email address.

  • Candidate’s telephone # and Skype account or any other internet based means of contact.

  • Clearly stated Technical qualifications, expertise, skills and experience relevant to this posting.

    Submit Proposals by email to fssp.ethiopia@wusc.ca

    Subject line to read: Democratic Governance Technical Specialist

    C) Deadline for Application: October 30, 2019

    Late submitted proposals will be rejected. Only short listed applicants will be contacted. Other proposals of interest will be retained in FSSP Ethiopia database.

    Eligibility criteria for applicants:

    The Technical Specialists must be legally and operationally in a position to contract and provide consulting services in Ethiopia.

    E) Additional:

    FSSP Ethiopia - WUSC is an equal opportunity employer.

    F) Consultant required: One Specialist

    FSSP Ethiopia, WUSC Democratic Governance Technical Specialist Jobs in Ethiopia

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