Fondation SUEZ Grants to support Underprivileged Populations

Fondation SUEZ Grants to support Underprivileged Populations

The Fondation SUEZ wants to contribute to projects working towards achieving the Untied Nations Sustainable

Through its support, the Fondation SUEZ wishes to:

  • Renforce the expertise of local players and circulate expertise by supporting actions to
    professionalize services, put in place specific training programmes and foster networking between
  • Boost innovation and research applied to the realities of the field in developing countries, namely
    via the organisation of a Prize to reward and promote innovative projects having proven their worth
    and which can be replicated.
  • Contribute to the sustainability and replicability of impact or potential impact projects (innovation, new model...)
    Fondation SUEZ – selection criteria – may 2021 2/7

    Criteria for selection

    Eligibility of project initiators
    The Foundation supports projects proposed by project initiators:

    • With an associative legal status, a Foundation or Endowment Fund status recognized as
    being of public utility
    • Which have been legally established for at least 2 years prior to the date of the submission of
    the project application

    The Foundation gives priority to applicants possessing local divisions or reporting a very close partnership with a local structure, facilitating project follow-up and an ex-post follow-up of the projects.#

    The Fondation SUEZ does not finance:

  • Projects requiring more than 50% of their financing to be provided by the Foundation.
  • Projects in progress at more than 30% of the project schedule
  • Projects with no other partners.
  • Projects which do not come within the scope of intervention of the Foundation and which do
    not meet the above-listed criteria.
  • Projects of an event nature.
  • Personal projects, projects initiated by student associations, trips, educational grants, study trips, work placements, university theses and dissertations.
  • Projects already carried out (except in the case
    of the projects rewarded by the SUEZ– Institut de France Awards).
  • Projects for which a major part of the budget serves to finance their functioning.
  • Les projets portés par des individus.
  • Communication actions or projects with a promotional or publicity objective.
  • Editorial projects or cinematographic productions.

    Fondation SUEZ – selection criteria – may 2021 3/7

    General criteria:

    The Foundation can contribute maximum up to 50% maximum of the project’s total budget.
    The SUEZ Foundation supports projects in territories where SUEZ and its subsidiaries are present to:

  • Strengthen synergies
  • Make volunteering missions possible
  • Facilitate skill-based sponsorship.

    NB: for emergency projects, the Foundation supports projects wherever they are located, in emerging and developing countries as well as in France.

    The Fondation SUEZ will prioritize projects

  • Whose start date for the insertion projects is at least 6 months after the project submission
  • Being the subject of financial partnerships and skill-based sponsorship developed with
    international solidarity organizations and specialized non-profit institutions
  • Capable of integrating the skill-based sponsorship missions of Group employees
  • With multi-territory deployment,
  • Taking into account the sustainability of results through
  • With a clearly identified demand and the determination of the populations concerned to
    contribute towards maintaining the service or activity to be created,
  • tTe autonomy of the population concerned
    >> corresponding to the national or regional policies adopted in the domain considered,
  • With commitment and support shown towards the project by local stakeholders: user
    associations, local resident communities, local authorities etc.
  • Introduction of post-project monitoring

    How to Apply

    For more information and job application details, see; Fondation SUEZ Grants to support Underprivileged Populations

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