Financial Aid

by Daniel
(Nairobi, Kenya)

I am looking for financial aid to study undergraduate Bachelor of Pharmacy at the university of Nairobi in Kenya which I have apply for 2014/2015 intake which begins in January,2014.There are two semesters and first semester's is Ksh 249,500($2,918.13) while the second semester is Ksh 225,000($2,631.58).The fee is payable for 4 years but the course is 5 years. I am unable to raise that amount to start my study come January. So I need help from you in getting potential agencies who can support me at least to get a starting fee for now to secure my admission. Thank you for your cooperation and the work you are doing to help us young generation in achieving our goals. I would like to be an alumni of this your project in future.

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Wish you all the best.

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