FemFund Feminist Emergency Service to Support Activists in Poland

FemFund Feminist Emergency Service to Support Activists in Poland

FemFund Feminist Emergency Service is a simple mechanism that allows you to receive money almost immediately. The decision whether your organization/group receives a grant is made within 7 working days from submitting the application. Urgent grants can be used to deal with new and unforeseen circumstances.

Conditions for applying for the support of the Feminist Emergency Service

You can use the support of the Feminist Emergency if you are:

  • An informal group/ collective consisting of at least 3 persons,

  • A non-governmental organization (e.g. association, foundation), which fulfils a total of four conditions:

  • Self-identifies as a feminist group / organization

  • Promotes the rights of women and/or queer, non-binary, intersex and transgender persons;

  • Is run by women and/or queer, non-binary, intersex, or transgender persons (the group / organization

  • Is formed and managed mostly or entirely by non-cis-male persons*);

  • Acts for persons living in Poland.

    * A cisgender person is a person whose gender assigned at birth is consistent with their gender identity.

    FemFund supports non-male initiatives because the patriarchy discriminates against all persons who are not socially recognized as male and do not enjoy the privilege of being cis-male men.

    Guided by the Fund's values and priorities, we do not support groups/organizations that question the rights of some women, girls and/or the rights of queer, non-binary, intersex and transgender persons because of who they are, the work they do or their position in society.

    What kind of initiatives does the Feminist Emergency Service support?

    Feminist Emergency Service supports urgent feminist initiatives. In our understanding, an action is urgent if:

  • It results
    from a new, unexpected situation (it may be both a threat / crisis, and an unexpected chance to act),

  • Requires acting quickly, in a short time, to bring about some feminist change (e.g. concerning the situation of a particular collective /organization, a social group that is experiencing oppression, the entire society).

    How Feminist Emergency Services works – basic information

  • The Feminist Emergency Service operates continuously. We do not set specific dates for applying, you can apply on an ongoing basis when needed.

  • After exhausting the money allocated for a given year (approx. 60 thousand PLN) Feminist Emergency Service does not accept any more requests. FemFund may however increase the resource pool for a given

  • You can receive support of up to PLN 3,000 from the Feminist Emergency Service.

  • The actions for which you will receive a grant should be carried out within 3 months of receiving the money.

  • The processing time of the application is up to 7 working days, and the time of transferring money to the account – up to 14 working days from applying.

    How to Apply

    For more information and job application details, see; FemFund Feminist Emergency Service to Support Activists in Poland

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