Fables and Fairy Tales

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Fables moral stories. Fables short stories. Aesop's fables stories. Parables stories. Myths stories. Tall tales stories. Folktales stories. Morals stories

A Lesson

A Priceless Lesson

Ability of The Coward

Advice of The Goat

Aman Learns A Lesson

Better Than Ministers


Character Remain Same

Clever Farmer

Clever Monu

Cleverness of Mohit

Cure for The King

Different Ways

Do What You Say.

Do You Know Swimming?

Doctor Croaky

Dream Comes True.

Everyone is Important.

Evil Has an Evil End.

Failure of Cruel Wolf

Faith in God

Final Punishment

For A Rupee

Fruits of Labour

Gain or Loss

God and Man

God is Merciful.

God of Kanhayya

Gold for Rahman

Green Gold

Hawk and Nightingale

How Cats Became Pets?

How Deserts are formed?


Justice of The Qazi
Khichdi by Ramu

Kindness of The Farmer

Lesson of The Camel

Long Trunk of Elephant

Look Where You Walk.

Maria The Foolish Girl

Never Blame God.

Oversmartness of Amit

Patience Pays

Plan of Kishan

Powers of The Hermit

Prayers of The Potter

Pride Takes A Fall.

Revenge of Fox

Seeking Contentment

Selecting The Treasurer


Snake among The Frogs

Sweet Truth

The Art of Telling-Truth

The Bell on The Cat

The Caged Monkey

The Cat and The Hens

The Class Monitor

The Clever Jester

The Clever Merchant

The Clever Mouse

The Coconut

The Correct Solution

The Cricket and The Ants

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