European Commission Digital Europe Programme for Individuals and Organizations

European Commission Digital Europe Programme for Individuals and Organizations

Expected Outcome:

Stimulating the HPC innovation potential of SMEs will lead to:

  • Enhanced European competitiveness in the market by enabling SMEs to perform efficiently using HPC, e.g. simulations, computational modelling and data-intensive analytics.

  • Accelerated innovation by novel ideas, in-depth research and development of cutting-edge solutions through faster prototyping, optimisation and experimentation etc. enabled by HPC.

  • Improved productivity and efficiency by reducing production cycles as complex computations can be completed in significantly less time and resources can be allocated more efficiently.

  • Expanded business opportunities and opening new markets by the uptake of services enabled for instance by large-scale simulations, data analysis, large language models or machine learning utilising HPC resources

  • Widening the HPC user base by attracting new users of HPC in different application domains.


    Central objective of the action is to empower SMEs with advanced computational capabilities on the basis of HPC, enabling them to drive innovation, enhance competitiveness, and overcome challenges in the digitisation of R&D and business processes.

    By promoting HPC adoption, the action will unlock new opportunities, accelerate growth, and foster economic development for SMEs. Stimulating the HPC innovation potential of SMEs aims to position SMEs as technology leaders, fuel their success, and contribute to the overall advancement of industries and economies.


    Proposals are expected to define an outreach approach for identifying and attracting SMEs whose innovation potential and competitiveness will be significantly increased by the uptake of advanced HPC services.

    A mechanism involving financial support to third parties through open calls will adequately stimulate such innovation potential of SMEs participating in the action. The action supports SMEs to solve specific business challenges through uptake of HPC.

    The EuroHPC JU considers that a contribution from the EU of up to EUR 30 million and a duration of 4 years would allow this specific challenge
    to be addressed appropriately. Nevertheless this does not preclude submission and selection of proposals with another duration or requesting other amounts.

    Topic conditions and documents


  • Admissibility conditions: described in section 5 of the call document

  • Proposal page limits and layout: described in Part B of the Application Form available in the Submission System

  • Eligible countries: described in section 6 of of the call document

  • Other eligibility conditions: described in section 6 of the call document

  • Financial and operational capacity and exclusion: described in section 7 of the call document

  • Evaluation and award:

    Award criteria, scoring and thresholds: described in section 9 of the call document

  • Submission and evaluation processes: described section 8 of the call document and the Online Manual

  • The granting authority can fund a maximum of one project.

  • Indicative timeline for evaluation and grant agreement: described in section 4 of the call document

  • Legal and financial set-up of the grants: described in section 10 of the call document


    Call documents:

  • Call document

  • Standard application form (CSA) is available in the Submission System

  • Standard evaluation form (CSA) will be used


  • EuroHPC JU Work Programme: EuroHPC JU Decision No 24/2023

  • DIGITAL EUROPE PROGRAMME Regulation 2021/694
    EU Financial Regulation 2018/1046

  • EuroHPC JU Regulation

  • Guidance Classification of information in DIGITAL projects

    How to Apply

    For more information and job application details, see; European Commission Digital Europe Programme for Individuals and Organizations

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