Ethiopia National Anti-Doping Office Budget Planning and Monitoring Specialist-III Jobs

Ethiopia National Anti-Doping Office Budget Planning and Monitoring Specialist-III Jobs

Job Id: 217625

Category: Accounting and Finance
Location: Addis Ababa
Career Level: Senior Level (5+ years experience)
Salary: Birr5,304.00

Job Description

Analyze Existing Budgets

One of the major duties of a budget specialist is analyzing existing budgets on both departmental and organizational levels.

They may gather monthly or annual budgets and compare them to actual expenditures, income, and costs, noting any significant deviations or excessive spending.

Budget specialists tend to work across departments, reviewing financial and accounts payable information to make informed decisions about budgeting.

Develop Budgets and Forecasts

Another primary responsibility of the budget specialists is to actively develop budgets and cash flow forecasts.

They may have oversight of organizational budgets as well as departmental budgets and work to ensure that these budget activities align with cash flow expectations and long-term financial plans.

Budget specialists also develop forecasts to support long-term budget management and business growth.

Perform Cost-Benefit Analyses

Frequently, budget specialists conduct cost-benefit analyses for individual departments or the organization as a whole.

In this aspect of the role, a budget analyst examines current spending and cash flow, market and financial forecasts, and overall business goals to make recommendations and guide executive decision-making.

They may directly advise leaders on decisions like relocating, expanding operations to a new market, or hiring more personnel.

Manage Cash Flow

Budget specialists help manage an organization’s cash flow through strategic planning and assessment. A budget specialist may examine a corporation’s overall sales numbers or a nonprofit’s donation and sponsorship records, comparing them to expected expenditures and recurring operating costs to identify potential cash flow issues.

The budget specialist may also make recommendations to reduce expenditures or better manage and allocate incoming funds.

Provide Financial Advice

Budget specialists provide day-to-day financial guidance for organizations and departments. A budget specialist might meet directly with a department manager to provide advice on developing and maintaining a budget and give guidance on how that department’s budget fits into the organization’s financial plans.

A budget specialist also works with executives to provide information on projected financial performance and budget shortfalls.

Prepare Budget Reports

In addition to analyzing and guiding overall budget activity, a budget specialist also prepares periodic budget and financial reports. By assessing financial data and developing forecasts, the budget specialist reports on
financial performance and irregularities and supports financial reporting and compliance activities.

These reports also compare budgets and expenditures throughout any given period in order to identify and eliminate variances.

Budget Specialist Skills and Qualifications

  • Budget specialists tend to be highly analytical, able to examine financial information to contribute to budget development and reporting. Companies typically hire candidates with at least a bachelor’s degree and the following skills:

  • Financial literacy – this position requires an excellent grasp of financial principles and best practices to allow the budget specialist to make accurate recommendations to organizational leaders

  • Budget development – a background in budget development is essential for budget specialists. They should be comfortable interpreting financial performance and forecasts to develop financial plans

  • Cash flow management – budget specialists play an important role in managing an organization’s cash flow, so familiarity with best practices for recognizing and managing expenditures and income is key

  • Communication skills – budget specialists should be effective communicators, able to speak directly with executives and write clear, detail reports

  • Analytical skills – this role requires a high level of analytical skill, as budget specialists frequently review previous budgets and financial reports while developing new budgets

  • Handle all other activities assigned by the supervisor

    Job Requirements

  • A minimum of BA degree in Degree in Economics, Management, Business Management, Statistics and Other related fields,
  • Minimum 7 years of relevant experience; or equivalent combination of education and experience

    Technical and Other Skills

  • Knowledge of managing multi-donor fund;
    Accuracy and analytical ability;
  • Well organized and ability to act in a professional and ethical manner;
  • Strong organizational and communication skills and ability to work under pressure;
  • Have high leadership role and coordination ability

    How to Apply

    Interested applicants should submit non-returnable copies of their CV with relevant credentials in person 10 working days from the date of this announcement

    NB: Please only apply for this position if you meet all the requirements.

    For all applicant who certified/graduated in level should submit your COC


    Ethiopian National anti-doping Office

    In front of Yaha city center building or in the left side of Addis Ababa stadium Betzata Hospital on 4th floor of Rift valley university

    Office phone +251115319094/ Mobile Number 0910711185

    Only short listed candidates will be contacted.

    Females Are highly encouraged to apply

    Ethiopia National Anti-Doping Office Budget Planning and Monitoring Specialist-III Jobs

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