Energie AG Innovation Challenge for Startups and Established Companies

Energie AG Innovation Challenge for Startups and Established Companies

We are looking for passionate startups to join us in pushing the energy industry to the next level. In a world that needs sustainable solutions, we want to shape the future of energy with innovative ideas, newest technology and creative approaches.

That is why we are doing all we can to ensure our planet remains a good place to live. By expanding renewable energy, reducing fossil fuels and creating a climate-neutral future for us and the following generations. It is a goal we are already working towards with all our might.

With every step we take the system we have to manage gets more complex, an increasing amount of data has to be handled and even more players need to be coordinated. That's why we reach out for your ideas and solutions to create a more sustainable habitat for future generations. Join our mission and energize our future!

Are you running a startup and looking for a real challenge? We, at Energie AG Oberösterreich, offer you the opportunity to tackle genuine problems in our industry that will help us operate more efficiently and shape a sustainable future. In return, we'll provide you with our extensive data, know-how of our experts and fund a Proof of Concept with up to € 50,000. If your solution impresses is a perfect match for us, a long-term partnership awaits.

We value your innovative spirit and look forward to revolutionizing bringing the energy sector to a next level together.

What is the scope of the Energie AG Innovation Challenge?

Our earth is not renewable. Energy is! This slogan best reflects our ambitions and commitment to a sustainable future, and Energie AG wants to become a player with a significant positive impact. As part of this focus on innovation, we are working with technology startups that will help us better meet the needs of our customers.

This year's Startup Innovation Challenge focuses on three topics in the fields of energy, robotics, AI and automation. For ech challenge the goal is to develop Proof of Concept (PoC). The aim is to identify innovations, solutions and technologies that will help us become a future-proof energy supplier and enter the market with a strong and reliable partner.

Who can participate in the Innovation Challenge?
We are looking for startups and established companies that are breaking new grounds. The challenge
is not restricted to a particular geographic location and therefore encourages a global and diverse pool of applicants. Applicants should be well-established startups or companies with a track record of conducting business operations.

This means that the startup or company should have moved beyond the initial ideation phase and have tangible evidence of their ability to function in a business environment.

Also, the startup or company should demonstrate the capacity to not only come up with innovative ideas but also to effectively execute and manage projects. This includes having the necessary resources, expertise, and infrastructure to successfully run the project proposed in the challenge. So startups and companies that have a minimum team size of three employees and offer a product or service aimed at solving one or more of the specified challenges are welcome to apply.

What is your evaluation criteria?

All applications will be assessed according to the following criteria:

  • How well the solution fits Energie AGs challenges

  • Existing capacity

  • Speed and ability to scale

  • Potential for partnership

  • Evidence (Prototypes, similar products, existing partnerships, etc.)

    Besides these Business criteria we will decide on:

  • Desirability: How precisely does the idea address the identified problem? Is the solution directly relevant to the challenge posed?

  • Feasibility: Can the idea realistically be implemented? Does it consider the technical, financial, and operational constraints of the company and the industry?

  • Viability: Is the solution economically sensible? Does it offer a good cost-benefit ratio? What is the expected return on investment?

  • Sustainability: Particularly relevant in the energy sector. How environmentally friendly and sustainable is the proposed solution?

  • Degree of Innovation: Is the idea truly novel and distinct from existing solutions? Does it offer a fresh perspective or a new approach?

  • Team and Expertise: Who is behind the idea? Does the team or the startup have the necessary expertise and experience to implement the idea?

    How to Apply

    For more information and job application details, see; Energie AG Innovation Challenge for Startups and Established Companies

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