Elshayeb Suggestions for Making Advance Africa Better

by Ayman Elshayeb
(Khartoum, Sudan)

1. Internal services for the applicant:
(a) Every applicant must has his own profile on this web which can contain his biodata, documents and other relevant information.
(b) It will be very helpful if the applicant has an E-mail on this web for example elshayeb@advance-africa.com.
2- External services for the applicant:
(a) Make a real connection between the applicant and the organisations via submitting his application.
(b) Advertising the African organizations and explaining their activities, places of work , etc.
(c) Sending announcements for the opportunities only the candidate had applied.

Finally Africans are under developing and their unification will be through their exchanging ideas, for this matter try to open a board of discussion to share the ideas of the website members.


Points noted.

A board does exist. See Advance Africa Forum.


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