Eidolon Grant for Vernacular Photography for Individuals and Groups

Eidolon Grant for Vernacular Photography for Individuals and Groups

eidolon centre for Everyday Photography is calling artists, academics, enthusiasts, and professionals, who have a passion and serious interest in vernacular photography and everyday imaging.

eidolon is delighted to announce the launch of its first international grant for projects which explore, promote and conserve vernacular photography.

The eidolon Grant is an international programme that is presented annually to artists, academics, professionals, researchers, collectors and vernacular photography enthusiasts whose past work and proposed project is centred around the image heritage of everyday photography.

The eidolon Grant aims to identify phenomena, collections, histories, practices, and trends within vernacular photography with the aim of offering new interpretations and analyses. Thematising both photographic heritages and contemporary photographic practices is eidolon’s mission and we invite you to join us in this important exploration.
Each chosen project will contribute to the enrichment of our institution's program in the coming year.

Thematic suggestions

  • Family albums, past and present

  • Collective histories and memories through the lens of vernacular photography

  • The questions of archiving past and present vernacular imagery

  • The aesthetic quality and social or psychological significance of photography in the age of social media

  • The networked attributes of online images

  • Contemporary amateur photographic practices

  • The representation of marginalised groups through vernacular photography

  • Vernacular photography appropriation and collection building as contemporary art

  • The development of the photographic apparatus and its significance in everyday culture

    How to Apply

    For more information and job application details, see; Eidolon Grant for Vernacular Photography for Individuals and Groups

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