Distinguish Fully Scholarships

by Googo Peter

According to me, it will be of an advantage to a new user of this website to clarify to him or her that there exist fully free scholarships and those that are not totally free scholarships. This is because various students in Uganda think that the scholarships are free and on reporting to various university for their studies upon which they have been admitted, to their surprise are told to pay a certain fee of which in most cases one may not totally raise it. If such an issue is addressed then lists of the various scholarships should then be advertised. Thank you.


All scholarships are free. No one needs to pay anything for a scholarship.

Partial scholarship mean that the student needs to pay for their upkeep etc. Others pay for upkeep but not tuition.

All in all, I doubt any student has taken up a scholarship advertised in this website without being clear what it covers.


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