CTRL + A - Shortcut Key

by adam mashal

CTRL + A Select All - The following control key combinations provide shortcuts to many of the more frequently used menu commands.

CTRL+A Select All
CTRL+B Submit Batch
CTRL+D Clear All Data
CTRL+E Update Data and Exit* Excel Wizard
CTRL+F Find Reorder Levels* Calculate Factor*
CTRL+G Goto Line/Cell
CTRL+H Next Error Message Previous Error Message
CTRL+I Insert row before current row* Insert multiple rows*
CTRL+J Insert row after current row*
CTRL+K Submit Clipboard Submit to current line Conditional Format*
CTRL+L Submit Line DDE Link* Edit Factor Levels*
CTRL+M Submit Selection/Run Analysis* Submit from current line Move Column*
CTRL+N Open New Text Window
CTRL+O Open File Reorder Columns*
CTRL+P Print Protect Column*
CTRL+Q (none) Toggle Selection of Cell
CTRL+R Replace Repeat Line Select Row*
CTRL+S Save File Save File As
CTRL+T Find Next Text Split* Temporary Missing Value*
CTRL+U Update Sheet* Allow AutoUpdate*
CTRL+V Paste
CTRL+W Submit Window Recycle Window Default Column Widths*
CTRL+Del Delete
ALT+N Copy Column Names* Paste Column Names*
ALT+T Combine Text*
ALT+V Paste Special
CTRL+0 Restrict Expression*
CTRL+1 Restrict on Cell*
CTRL+2 Restrict No Missing values*
CTRL+3 Restrict Missing Values*
CTRL+4 Reverse Restriction*
CTRL+5 Restrict Selection*
CTRL+6 Restrict Selected rows added to Excluded*
CTRL+7 Restrict Selected rows removed from Excluded*
CTRL+8 Restrict UnSelected rows as Excluded*
CTRL+9 Restrict UnSelected rows added to Excluded*
CTRL+0 Restrict UnSelected rows removed from Excluded*
CTRL+] Moves the cursor to next brace or matching statement

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