Components of a Mouldboard Plough

A animal drawn mouldboard plough consists of

a) plough bottom
b) beam
c) hitch bracket or clevis.
A tractor drawn mouldboard plough consists of a) plough bottom
b) beam or standard
c) main frame
d) hitch frame
a)Plough bottom – The part of the plough which actually cuts, lifts, pulverizes and
through the soil out of the furrow.
It is composed of those parts necessary for the rigid
structure required to cut, lift, turn, and invert the soil
. Parts of the mouldboard plough
bottom are
a) Share
b) Mould board
c) Land side
d) Frog
e) Tail piece. Share,landside, mouldboard are bolted to the frog which is an irregular piece of cast iron.

b) Share:It is that part of the plough bottom which penetrates into the soil and makes a
horizontal cut below the surface.

c) Mould board: It is the curved part which lifts , turns, and pulverizes the soil slice.

d) Land side: It is the flat plate which presses against the furrow wall and prevents the
plough from lateral swinging.
The rear part of land side is called heel which slides on the
bottom of the furrow
e) Frog: It is the part to which share, land side and mouldboard are attached.

f) Tail piece: It is an adjustable extension, which can be fastened to the rear of the
mould board to help in turning the furrow slice.

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