Communication to up Country Students

by Ejang Eunice
(Kampala, Uganda)

It has been a wonderful moment to have a word with you today morning!

Joe, I appreciate and I don't have the right words to describe the efforts exerted by you to improve the lives of people through this programme.

Joe, your effort has made me exposed to so many scholarships which I am absolutely without you, I would have not even accessed any of this scholarships. Though I have not got one yet but I am very happy receiving most of the Advance Africa News Letters.

My idea is Joe, I am in Kampala City, but we have many students mostly up country I mean in the villages who are learned. How do we help them to access the scholarships? What opportunity can Advance Africa give to this people to access the scholarship?

I would think the better way to share with Advance Africa is by e-mail as it's the easiest way of communication and sharing ideas with such a helpful organization. But this will not work because most of the students are far in villages. Can Advance Africa "Look for a solution?


Thanks Eunice. I would appreciate to know what you have in mind. How do you think they can be reached?


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