Coimbra Group Short Stay Scholarships for Researchers from Sub–Saharan Africa

Coimbra Group Short Stay Scholarships for Researchers from Sub–Saharan Africa

Universities of the Coimbra Group offer short-term visits (generally 1 to maximum 3 months) to young African researchers from higher education institutions from Sub-Saharan Africa. The main aim of this scholarship programme is to enable scholars to undertake research in which they are engaged in their home institution and to help them establish academic and research contacts in Europe.

The scholarships are financially supported by the Coimbra Group member universities participating in this programme, while the Coimbra Group Office is in charge of the administrative management of the applications.

The following Coimbra Group universities are participating in the 2023 edition of this scholarship programme:

• University of Barcelona (Spain)

• University of Coimbra (Portugal)

• University of Cologne (Germany)

• Trinity College Dublin (Ireland)

• University of Granada (Spain)

• University of Graz (Austria)

• University of Groningen (The Netherlands)

• Friedrich Schiller University Jena (Germany)

• Jagiellonian University in Krakow (Poland)

• KU Leuven (Belgium)

• University of Padova (Italy)

• University of Pavia (Italy)

• University of Poitiers (France)

• Charles University (Czech Republic)

• University of Salamanca (Spain)

• University of Siena (Italy)

• University of Turku (Finland)

Eligibility Criteria Applicants Must
Fulfil All of the Following Criteria at the Same Time

• Be born on or after 1 January 1978. • Be nationals of and current residents in a country in Sub-Saharan Africa.

• Be current staff members of a university or an equivalent higher education institution in SubSaharan Africa.

• Be preferably of doctoral/postdoctoral or equivalent status.

• Be in possession of an acceptance letter/email from the tutor/partner with whom the work programme will be undertaken in the host institution. This document is mandatory.

• Use the Coimbra Group Office electronic application process.

• Apply for one university only. Multiple applications will not be considered valid.

• Submit all information in English only.

How to Apply

For more information and job application details, see; Coimbra Group Short Stay Scholarships for Researchers from Sub–Saharan Africa

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