Climate Action Artist Residency Program

Climate Action Artist Residency Program

Program Description

In the years 2024/2025, the Climate Action Artist Residencies invite a total of eight artists from all artistic fields to complete three-month long residencies with an environmental research organization. Two artists from Germany and six from the V20 countries in the Asia/Pacific region Fiji, Philippines, and Samoa will be selected.

Artists from the V20 countries will complete their residency with an environmental research organization in Germany, artists from Germany will complete their residencies with an environmental research organization in the selected V20 countries. Each artist will work with their host institution to highlight aspects of the climate crisis that affect their host country and the V20.

The results of this work will then be communicated in an artistic project of the artist’s choice, aimed to reach, and inform a target audience in their home country and their host country. The focus of the program is the artistic exploration of the globally intertwined and scientifically proven vulnerabilities triggered by the climate crisis in the V20 countries and in Germany.

Artists freely choose their artistic medium. The pairing with appropriate research organizations in the host country will be coordinated by Cultural Vistas, though applicants may indicate preferences if they have a prior connection to appropriate organizations in the host country.

What are the Climate Action Artist Residencies?

The challenges we face from climate change and its subsequent crises are complex and interwoven. Heat, droughts, forest fires, floods, rising sea levels, and loss of biodiversity are just some of the natural consequences of climate change that exacerbate health risks, trigger refugee movements, and threaten entire economies, among others.

The countries of the Vulnerable 20 (V20) are particularly affected by climate crises and their consequences, as their very existence is threatened, for example, by rising sea levels or an increase in extreme weather events. The Climate Action Artist Residencies provide a novel approach to address these complexities.

By transcending borders and translating scientific research results into artistic media, participating artists generate new strands of discourse and perspectives that can transform our debates and perceptions, ultimately leading to new climate action by society at large. To this end, the Climate Action Artist Residencies establish new networks between Germany and the countries of the V20, giving a new voice to those affected most and artistically conveying the global interdependencies of the climate crisis.

Who can apply?

The program invites applicants from all artistic fields, including but not limited to visual arts, film, literature, music, digital arts, etc. While no academic degree is required, an established artistic career must be demonstrated. The program invites artists who are curious about or already have a track record of engaging at the intersection of art and science to apply. Currently, artists of legal age permanently living in and representing the Philippines, Fiji, Samoa, and Germany are eligible to apply for the program. However, we hope to expand the program geographically in the future.

Who cannot apply?

The program is not designed to support emerging artists during their early development. Applicants who are still in school or have just completed their education will not be considered. Artists residing outside of the Philippines, Fiji, Samoa, or Germany are currently not eligible to apply for the program, though we hope to expand the scope of the program in the future.

How to Apply

For more information and job application details, see; Climate Action Artist Residency Program

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