Classification of Tractor Drawn Implements Based on Hitching to The Tractor

Tractor drawn implements possess higher working capacity and are operated at higher speeds.

These implements need more technical knowledge for operations and maintenance work.

Based on the type of hitching tractor drawn implements are classified
a) Trailed type implement
b) Semi-mounted implement and
c) Mounted implement

a) Pull type implement

A pull type or trailed implement is one that is pulled and guided from single hitch
point and is never completed supported by the tractor.

b) Semi-mounted implement

This type of implement is one which is attached to the tractor along a hinge axis
and not at a single hitch point.
It is controlled directly by tractor steering unit but its weight is partly supported by the tractor.

c) Mounted implement

A mounted implement is one which is attached to the tractor through a hitch
linkage in such a manner that it is completely supported by the tractor when in raised

The implement can be controlled directly by the tractor steering unit. .


1. Determine the power requirement to pull a four bottom 30 cm mould board plough
working to a depth of 15 cm. The tractor is operated at a speed of 6 km/h. The soil
resistance is 0.7 kg/cm2

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