Call for Youth Projects IX

Call for Youth Projects IX

The Youth IX call for projects is now open to support the commitment of French local authorities (CTF) and their foreign counterparts in favor of young people, their openness to the world and the development of opportunities for them, in terms of education, training and participation. to the sustainable development of territories.

The desire of young people to engage internationally is not weakening, even though the years of the pandemic have particularly affected them. Faced with this observation, the French government has made education, vocational training, apprenticeship, international mobility and civic engagement of young people central to its development policy.

In this context, the MEAE encourages local authorities to extend and strengthen the decentralized cooperation that is developed by and for young people.

The “Youth VIII” call for projects is complementary to the Voluntary Territories program supported by the DAECT and implemented by France Volontaires.

This call for projects is structured around three independent sections – CTFs can apply for one or all three:

  • Youth and Volunteering: The "Youth and Volunteering" component aims to develop the civic and solidarity commitment of young people in the territories, on the one hand by encouraging their mobility within the framework of volunteering, and on the other hand by supporting their foreign partners in the development of public policies intended to better involve young people in local democratic life, but also to better inform them about the subjects that concern them (training opportunities, employment, rights, etc.).

  • Basic Education: Youth is the future of countries, so it is essential to contribute to their intellectual development from an early age. This component contributes to supporting and extending access to primary and secondary education without distinction of gender in all territories, but also to developing exchanges between young people educated through mobility. The projects implemented under this
    component will make it possible to contribute in particular to SDGs 4 (quality education) and 5 (gender equality).

  • Vocational Training of Young People: This component aims on the one hand to encourage the mobility of apprentices and young people in vocational training, but also of teachers and trainers, between training establishments located in the territories of the partner communities, as well as that of young job seekers in the year following the end of their professional training course. On the other hand, it aims to support the dynamics of exchanges, creation and/or reinforcement of vocational training offers in the territories.


    The projects will concern the 2023-2024 school year. They may be established over a period of 12 months (period July 2023 – July 2024). Projects must be completed by July 31, 2024.

    Eligibility Criteria

  • All countries and territories are eligible for this call for projects, with the exception of countries with which the DAECT has joint calls for projects or funds (Lebanon, Morocco, Senegal, Palestinian Territories, Tunisia). Insofar as there are other specific financing mechanisms for these countries and territories, they are only eligible within the framework of a project associating several partner authorities in several different countries.

  • With regard to projects carried out in countries eligible for ODA and benefiting from reinforced support from the DAECT, the project owner CTF undertakes to set up or have set up, when necessary, actions and training improving the project management capacity of the local authority of the partner country.

  • Eligible projects will have to present guarantees of a balanced partnership and will participate in the reinforcement of exchanges between young people from territory to territory. Thus, the reception of young foreigners in France is encouraged in a principle of reciprocity of exchanges.

    How to Apply

    For more information and job application details, see; Call for Youth Projects IX

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