Call for Proposals: Climate Transformation Fund

Call for Proposals: Climate Transformation Fund


The Milkywire Climate Transformation Fund (CTF), launched in 2021, is a charitable fund that supports pioneering projects needed to reach global net zero. Our ambition is guided by an impact-first approach, meaning we want to support solutions with the greatest potential long-term climate impact rather than narrowly focusing on enabling carbon compensation claims.

Framework for the climate transformation fund

To solve the climate crisis and reach global net zero emissions a wide range of solutions will need to be deployed. Forests need to be protected and restored, new energy solutions introduced, politicians need to be convinced to stop supporting fossil fuels and carbon dioxide removed from the atmosphere and stored away permanently.

To help make this happen the impact platform Milkywire has set up a Climate Transformation Fund that finds and supports a wide range of projects currently addressing the climate crisis. We also open the possibility for everyone, companies and individuals, to contribute to the same projects. Klarna has contributed over 2.7 million USD to projects selected for the fund.

Maximizing the impact of donations

Our aim is to find projects where your financial contributions will make the biggest impact. Many important solutions are happening without the need for carbon finance. Wind and solar power for example is already profitable in large parts of the world and market forces are deploying them quickly.

But other projects are unprofitable, or lack a market besides people wanting to pay extra for helping to solve climate change. This is the case with carbon removal or supporting non profit groups trying to create policy change. We want to support projects that won't happen without your donation, and help bring about the growth of new solutions.

How we select projects

We focus on three areas when selecting projects and have defined a framework of requirements and criteria to evaluate them against. We also work closely with an expert advisory group who give input on our framework,
help us evaluate and select the projects.

Not offsetting

To offset means you count emission reductions or removed carbon against your own emissions and buy a certain amount of carbon credits to claim carbon neutrality. We’re taking a different approach trying to create the maximum climate impact of each donation. By focusing on climate impact we open the possibility to fund climate advocacy projects, catalytic research in new removal techniques and to donate to small effective grassroots organizations that can not bear the cost of carbon credit certifications.

We also believe that companies and individuals have a responsibility to reduce their emissions, our focus is therefore on climate impact, not on neutrality claims.

Our selection criteria

Restoring and protecting nature

We will support screened and vetted organizations that preserve forests and ecosystems and restore degraded areas. This helps reduce emissions, absorb CO₂ and conserve our nature globally. See projects supported here.


  • Projects either protecting or increasing carbon stocks in nature.

  • Organization is screened and vetted by Milkywire or a third party.

  • Sustainable from a social and local environmental perspective. The deployment of the project does not cause harm to people or local ecosystems.


  • Co-benefits. Projects are given a higher priority if they create benefits for people in poverty, or if they help ecosystems in other ways beyond storing more carbon.

  • Catalytic effect of donation. We prefer projects that be replicated, spread to new communities, or help create new innovative solutions.

    How to Apply

    For more information and job application details, see; Call for Proposals: Climate Transformation Fund

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