Call for Proposals: Boosting Fact-Checking Activities in Europe

Call for Proposals: Boosting Fact-Checking Activities in Europe

The European Media & Information Fund (EMIF) is accepting proposals for the 6th Funding Round of Checking Activities in Europe to support projects from independent fact-checking organisations, which play a key role in limiting the negative effects of disinformation on the public discourse and democratic processes.

In the context of the ongoing Russia – Ukraine war, and in light of its repercussions across Europe, this Call for Proposals is currently accepting applications that contemplate collaborations with Ukrainian fact-checking and media organisation and/or journalists.


The Fund’s goals are to be achieved through four priority areas of intervention:

  • Actions in support of Fact-Checking”
    These types of actions are supported under this call as a means of strengthening the fact-checking ecosystem:

  • Urgent actions: projects designed to increase coverage, depth, and speed of fact-checking activities by organisations that commit to producing regular flows of fact-checks.

  • Scale-up projects: free-lance collaborations within newsrooms and/or the integration of state-of-the-art technologies for content verification and media and social media monitoring.
    “Multidisciplinary Investigations on Disinformation”

  • The Fund’s interventions support the production of a range of multidisciplinary focus reports, covering both country-specific and thematic analyses. Projects coming under this funding window should operate in synergy, where possible, with EDMO’s National Hubs.
    “Research – Studies & Sandboxes”

  • Large and deep scientific studies requiring close collaboration between different disciplines and entities, including academic researchers, technology providers, media and civil society organisations are supported under these calls.

  • Studies in scope may include research on the effects of new technologies, such as AI, on cognitive processes and civic behaviour, as well as the emergence of new forms of social interactions and democratic participation enabled by digital media.

  • “Actions in support of Media Literacy”
    This funding window supports initiatives aimed at increasing the level of media literacy in Europe through effective cooperation among educational institutions, academia, civil society organisations, media outlets, media
    literacy organisations and online platforms.

    Funding Information and Duration

  • Actions in Support of Fact-Checking

  • Urgent actions: This type of projects should have a duration up to 6 months and may benefit from grants up to € 55 000.

  • Scale-up projects: This type of projects should have a duration up to 12 months and may benefit from grants up to € 80 000.

  • Multidisciplinary Investigations on Disinformation

  • Projects may have a duration up to 9 months and could benefit from grants up to € 150 000.

  • Research – Studies & Sandboxes

  • Grants of maximum € 400 000 and project duration up to 18 months.

  • Actions in support of Media Literacy

  • Grants up to € 400 000 will be available to support such initiatives, with implementation timeframes of up to 18 months.

    Who can apply?

    The following entities are eligible to be supported by the Fund:

  • State-controlled organisations other than universities, research centres, educational institutions and other non-profit organisations are not eligible to receive funding and therefore cannot apply individually or lead a consortium, but they may take part in the project at their own costs.

  • Consortia cannot be solely composed of entities affiliated to the Lead Applicant.

  • Natural persons may be part of a consortium, but the project cannot be coordinated by a natural person.

  • Only applications from entities established in the EU, EFTA or UK are eligible.

    How to Apply

    For more information and job application details, see; Call for Proposals: Boosting Fact-Checking Activities in Europe

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