Call for Applications: Reaching an Understanding of Cancer

Call for Applications: Reaching an Understanding of Cancer

The canSERV Consortium is pleased to announce the launch of its 2nd Challenge-Driven Call on “Reaching an Understanding of Cancer”. Cancer Researchers world-wide are invited to apply for free access to cutting-edge transnational services with an indicative overall budget for this call of EUR 750.000. The primary objective of this call is to accelerate research and enhance knowledge on the understanding of cancer.

Projects submitted in response to this call should encompass various facets related to advancing the understanding of cancer, which may include, but are not limited to:

  • Addressing cancer with poor prognosis
    cancers with rising incidence

  • Cancer and inflammation

  • Identification of new modifiable cancer risk factors

  • Identification of targets to develop biomarkers for prevention, early detection, personalised treatment and monitoring of minimal residual disease or relapse.

    Projects supported through this call will play a significant role in furthering the overarching objectives of the Cancer Mission

    Your research project

  • Should focus on the Challenge topic “Reaching an Understanding of Cancer”.

  • Should include at minimum 2 services from the canSERV catalogue. Training are considered as separate, additional services.

  • Your requested services timeline should fall within the canSERV project’s duration. More infromation on this topic is available in the FAQ “Time frames for the service provision”

    If granted, you will benefit from:

    Free of charge access to canSERV service(s) (equipment, expertise, resources) offered by the canSERV consortium.

    Transnational services comprising the following fields: disease models, advanced cutting-edge imaging and structural biology technologies, biomarkers research and development, novel therapeutics developments, complex clinical trial design and support, personalised oncology implementation pipelines and recommendations, and regulatory support and tools to analyse the socioeconomic dimension of research activities. A detailed service list is available in the canSERV Service Catalogue.

    For this Call, you should:

  • Select at minimum 2 services you would like to use from the Catalogue.

  • Choose only services that are provided in a different country where you, or the majority of your research group, are based. See “Transnational Access” for

  • Agree that data generated from the chosen services will comply with FAIR principles (findable, accessible, interoperable, and reusable) making it available to other researchers while allowing for IP protection (in line with the EU’s open science policy). This will enable rapid execution of cross-European federated analyses of cancer-related data.

    Who can apply?

    Researchers based in European and non-European countries, including junior and senior individual researchers, academic institutes, biotech/pharmaceutical SMEs, groups of scientists, networks and consortia from public and private entities.


    Applicants must be affiliated with an organisation in or outside the European Union.


    This grant only supports TNA as described above in point one.


    Results and/or data obtained from using the services provided under the canSERV Open Call must comply with the FAIR principles and might be shared initially with other ongoing initiatives within the EU Cancer Mission, EOSC4Cancer and, when established,, for the development and improvement of further services. Furthermore, the results and/or data will be reused within the canSERV project or other EU Cancer Mission initiatives at a certain time after service provision according to the canSERV user agreement.

    The data generated will then be included in the canSERV service list to support the canSERV Catalogue of Open Digital Research Services. If the results and/or data are published, canSERV must be acknowledged in publications. Only user groups that are allowed to disseminate the results they have generated may be eligible for access (unless the users are working for SMEs).

    How to Apply

    For more information and job application details, see; Call for Applications: Reaching an Understanding of Cancer

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