British High Commission Governance Adviser Jobs in Rwanda

British High Commission Governance Adviser Jobs in Rwanda

Job Description (Roles and Responsibilities)

  • The UK works in Rwanda to help reduce poverty, drive economic growth and mutual prosperity, support regional stability and work with a likeminded partner in the international system.

  • The British High Commission (BHC) represents the UK in Rwanda. The FCDO – recently formed by the merger of the Department for International Development (DFID) and the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) – is the largest UK government department in the BHC, and there is a smaller presence from other departments including HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) and the Office of National Statistics (ONS).

  • The BHC is structured into four teams delivering our diplomatic and development work: Political and Governance; Green Growth and Trade; Human Development and Resilience; and Delivery Excellence.

  • The Political and Governance team is recruiting a Governance Adviser to lead our work on social accountability, civil society, and policy engagement. You would be expected to provide high quality, reliable, timely and relevant policy and governance advice to the BHC in these areas.

  • You will provide political economy analysis and governance advice to enable the BHC to develop appropriate policies and programmes across our portfolio.

  • You will also lead and manage the implementation and monitoring of the UK Policy Engagement and Social Accountability programme, which uses a mixture of civil society grants and technical assistance to the Government of Rwanda to address barriers to policy development and accountability.

  • You should be able to identify, design, manage and lead clearly defined projects. We are looking for a candidate with excellent awareness and judgment on issues around public sector governance, civil society, and accountability in Rwanda and with very strong influencing and negotiating skills.

  • You will need to be comfortable working on governance and political analysis issues with a wide range of stakeholders, including with the BHC Kigali and with the Rwandan Government and other development agencies.

  • FCDO Governance Advisers support governance processes and reforms that enable development, stability, and inclusive growth and improved opportunities for the poorest and marginalised groups. In so doing, they play an important role in helping BHC Kigali address the underlying causes of poverty, which is central to Rwanda’s development vision, the UK Aid Strategy and the Sustainable Development Goals.

    Roles and responsibilities

  • Work as integral part of the Political and Governance team in the BHC to contribute to our understanding of the governance, institutional and political context of Rwanda through regular reporting, engagement and analysis.

  • Provide timely and high-quality advice across the office on public sector governance, civil society, and accountability, and other technical governance and political issues. Support other teams in conducting and
    using political economy analysis, ensuring that this is in line with best practice.

  • Lead the Policy Engagement and Social Accountability component of our governance programme, working closely with the Senior Responsible Owner and the Programme Responsible Owner. Work closely with teams across the BHC to ensure that we focus policy engagement on the issues that matter most to our wider development objectives.

  • Contribute effectively to policy dialogue with the Government of Rwanda, and development partners on public sector governance, civil society, and accountability issues by building effective and working relations with a wide range of national and international stakeholders.

  • Feed into the monitoring of governance trends in Rwanda and the reporting of governance results in BHC’s Country Business Plan, in close collaboration with the team leader, governance advisers and the results adviser.

  • Work collaboratively within the Political and Governance team, and the broader BHC, to achieve team objectives including providing cover and support to other team members where the need arises, and engaging in strategic planning, financial and corporate management.

  • Engage actively with FCDO’s broader governance agenda, including sharing learning across the Governance cadre and Network. The job holder is required to contribute 10% of their time where feasible in support of the Governance cadre and network.

    Essential qualifications, skills and experience

  • Essential on arrival: Candidates must be able to clearly demonstrate experience and skills against up to three Governance Technical Competencies including Applied Governance and Political Economy Analysis, Accountable and Inclusive Politics, and Public Sector Governance and Service Delivery.

    Governance Technical Primary Competency: Applied Governance and Political-Economy Analysis.

  • The candidate understands governance evidence, policy and practice in a range of settings. The candidate demonstrates knowledge of political systems, core governance concepts and drivers of governance change. The candidate applies political and institutional analysis to influence planning, dialogue, policy, and programming decisions

    Governance Technical Competency: Accountable and Inclusive Politics.

  • The candidate demonstrates knowledge on how to foster inclusive political systems—including on elections, parliaments, political parties, civil society and media, while managing the risks. The candidate is able to influence and provide advice, set policy direction and programme leadership on political governance and accountability, working with HMG, and partners.

    Governance Technical Competency: Public Sector Governance and Service Delivery.

  • The candidate demonstrates knowledge of public sector governance at national and local levels and application in particular sectors. The candidate is able to influence and provide analytical, advisory and programme support to civil service and sector reform processes that contribute to the sustainable improvements in service delivery.

    Required behaviours

  • Making Effective Decisions, Communicating and Influencing, Working Together.

    How to Apply

  • For more information and job application details, see; British High Commission Governance Adviser Jobs in Rwanda

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