Becoming a Kenya Safari Guide - 5 Skills You Should Master.

Becoming a Kenya Safari Guide - 5 Skills You Should Master.

Have you ever dreamt of having the title “Kenya Safari Guide”? Well, this is a title you can acquire easily, provided you have the necessary training and possess the right skills.

To be a Certified Kenya Safari Guide, you must be a holder of either Certificate, Diploma, or Undergraduate degree in the relevant field, be registered by the Kenya Professional Safari Guide Association (KPSGA), and possess a driving license.

Other skills can be acquired through on-job training, provided you practice with some of the top-rated tour companies in Kenya, such as ltd. The work of a Kenya Safari Guide is more of a lifestyle job in the sense that you spend most of your time on the road and at attraction sites having fun with your guests.

Additionally, you get to meet with people from all walks of life, which keeps you tuned in to the world at large. However, the job carries huge responsibilities that demand competence across several fields such as; language and culture, management, in-depth knowledge of local flora and fauna, and a great personality.

That said, here is what is expected of you; To plan itineraries and arrange tours for individuals or groups of tourists, ensure visitors are treated to world-class services and maintain excellent customer relations.

Also, by extension, be an ambassador of the country’s wildlife heritage, culture, and national identity. Do you think you are up to the task? Below are the skills that you should master:

Knowledge of the Tour Area

As a Kenyan tour guide, you should be well versed in various tourist destinations in the country. You don't want to be on tour, and you are as green as your guests.

Being born and raised in Kenya is a plus because all these tourist destinations are covered at some point in school. Also, you might have had a chance to visit the sites before, and therefore you have all the info at hand.

At times, some tourists are on educational tours, and therefore you should always be in a position to explain facts, history, landmarks, figures, and cultural heritage, among other things.

You should also be able to answer any additional questions that may come up during the trip.

It gets more satisfying to the guests when they throw any kind of question to you, and you answer it with ease. A knowledgeable guide makes the trip more insightful and memorable.

Ability to Communicate Effectively

Every tour guide worth their salt should have excellent communication skills. For an insightful tour, you should be able to communicate with the guests effectively.

For instance, if you are offering Kenya Safari Packages from USA, then you should be well acquainted with American English and be able to pronounce words correctly to avoid any misunderstanding.

You should also be able to project your voice across a large group of people and command attention despite the inevitable distractions of the surrounding.

Also, you should be very sensitive about how you communicate to the guests, as different people have different personalities.

good listener will always be a good communicator. That said, you should be keen to listen to the guests so that you can quickly understand their needs and get feedback about the tour.

Organization skills

It comes without saying. It is the role of the tour guide to organize the trip and lead the whole group. For you to have a successful safari, you need organizational skills.

The organizing role entails; setting the expectations before the commencement of the tour, informing guests on the areas to visit, time, length of the tour, and what to carry along. In a nutshell, you should run the entire program smoothly from the point of checking in to the point of checking out.

Everything should be on schedule, and all activities should fall within the allocated time if a seamless tour experience is anything to go by.

You should also ensure that all the bookings that need to be made are done on time to avoid delays. If guests are being transferred from one park to the other, it is your responsibility to ensure that all bookings are done on time and that no delays are experienced.


Improvisational skills are required to deal with the arising crises. As a tour guide, you should be able to improvise and adapt to changing situations.

For instance, rugged terrain or impassable roads should not halt the tour. Instead, you should source for a 4x4 safari land cruiser or any other off-road vehicle and ensure that the guests' expectations are met. In case your land-cruiser breaks down during game drives, you can improve and use smaller cars such as Nissan Note or Mazda Axela to take guests to their next destination instead of keeping them stuck. Upon arrival at the new destination, they should get a new guide and car waiting for them.

In instances where planned activities become unavailable for the guests, you should act swiftly and come up with an activity to engage the team so as not to stay idle.

Good Sense of Humor

Facts may fade in the guest’s mind, but the memory of a fan moment they had will remain. The key to creating everlasting memories is humor.

Although not necessary, a sense of humor is important, especially when you want to deliver an entertaining tour.

Also, jokes help tourists understand the information a little better and possibly help in creating a fun atmosphere.

Jokes from a very powerful tool in times of crisis. A humorous comment can be a powerful weapon to cut any tension. It can also alleviate the mood of disappointed guests.

Final Thought

As a tour guide, you can either make or break a travel experience. Your mastery of the above skills is what determines the level of your service delivery.

However, building these skills isn’t easy. It can take a year or more in the field to develop them fully.

Above are just a few of the most crucial skills of a tour guide. You can also add the following to your list for better success; good sense of direction, good pacing, empathy, charisma, professionalism, etc.

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