Be More Specific

by Njoroge
(Kwale, Kenya)

Thanks Ngugi for your great website. I'm sure it requires lots of dedication and resources browsing through massive amounts of data to sieve what applies to African scholars.

It would be great if you would be candid to let your readers know which scholarship applies to who. A case in point is the last feature where Maastricht University in the Netherlands have some offer in MSc in Health Sciences. After going to the website (for some of us in the rural areas where connection is VERY poor, it is a huge struggle), I was informed that the offer was only for students from Morocco. It would have been nice to know this right from the beginning in your website.

Good work though,

Asante Sana,



Thanks Njoroge.

I am sorry you missed the last sentence of the page you refer to. Since the page was uploaded in 2006, it is clearly indicated that in Africa, the scholarship applies to Morocco citizens only.

It is however rare to have such a scholarship. Most scholarships on the website apply to all developing countries. For scholarships that apply to specific countries, that MUST be indicated on the page and it is always the case.


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