Basic Education Scholarships

by Bonface Kamau
(Nairobi Kenya)

I must thank and congratulate you once again for the good work you are doing Joe. Personally, I have been using the information on your page to apply for post graduate scholarships, but have not yet succeeded; I'm hopefully pushing on.

However, in the recent newsletters, you have included scholarships that cater for primary and secondary school education. I believe these are also much needed by many young incapable Kenyans (and Africans), who may not manage even the little required in the free education and many who missed out in their days but would want to join adult education, which is much available in Kenya especially Nairobi, but is a bit expensive, or bright children who would do better in private schools with better standards.

If possible, avail more of these scholarships and sponsorships for the benefit of our younger ones. I have already helped a primary and secondary student to apply what you posted in the last two newsletters.

Thank you.

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