Bachelor of Science in Physics

The bachelor of science in physics is a four-year degree programme that is designed to give students a broad awareness of the principles of physics, as well as an introduction to the techniques of physics research.

The programme combines core physics courses with applications of science in the modern world in order to give graduates technical skills and a diverse science knowledge that will suit the needs of employers in the twenty-first century.

In the first two years of the bachelor program, students are introduced to wide range of topics including electricity, magnetism, waves, geometric optics, mechanics, thermal physics, geophysics and specialized courses are offered and include classical mechanics, wave theory, atomic physics, electrodynamics, nuclear physics, spectroscopy, polymer physics and laser and maser physics.

Career Opportunities

Bsc. physics graduates are very desirable employees in a wide variety of areas including education, defense, finance, and journalism because of the emphasis placed on problem solving and abstract thinking during the course.

The fundamental problem-solving skills combined with training in practical subjects such as optics, lasers, computer interfacing, image processing and electronics also make the graduates very desirable employees in high tech companies.

A. For Bachelor of Science in Physics, see; UON Degree Courses

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