Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and Computer Science

The interplay between computer science and mathematics is substantial and growing.

Designing and analyzing efficient algorithms and the design of reliable software for mission critical applications inevitably rely on advance mathematical tolls.

Conversely, computers facilitate the pursuit of mathematics, whether they are used for visualization, searching for information, or performing the routine but laborious manipulation involved in some mathematical operations.

The bachelor of science in mathematics and computer science is a four year degree programme that combines modules from both the mathematics and computer science degrees.

If you chose this degree course you would have the opportunity in the third and fourth years either to study both subjects equally, or to specialize more in one than the other.

In the computer science part of the programme, students undertake a wide variety of practical exercises and projects which reinforce and build on lecture material.

Communication skills initiative, professionalism and the ability to work with others are developed as integral parts of the learning process.

In their final year students undertake an individual practical project which is normally interdisciplinary between the two subjects.

Career Opportunities

There is a growing demand for both mathematicians and computer scientists.

Graduates from this proramme can work in software companies, computer services companies, educational institutions, actuaries and finance companies.Scholarships for African Students » Undergraduate Scholarships » African Women Scholarships & Grants » Developing Countries Scholarships » Erasmus Mundus Scholarships for Developing Countries » Fellowship Programs » Funding Grants for NGOs » Government Scholarships » LLM Scholarships » MBA Scholarships » PhD and Masters by Research Scholarships » Public Health Scholarships - MPH Scholarships » Refugees Scholarships » Research Grants » Scholarships and Grants

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