Bachelor of Science in Information Technology

The Bachelor of Science Technology (BSIT) is a four-year degree programme designed to provide students with a strong foundation in the theories of IT, networks and computers including quantitative methods, programming, information and communications technology (database management, operating systems, networks and internet essentials), and the organizational foundations “knowledge and tools” to apply information technology broadly in every organization, at every level, and in every domain.

In the first two years, the students learn Operating Systems, Computer Networks, Introduction to Software, Structured Programming, Financial Accounting, Object-Oriented Programming, Data Structures and algorithms, network systems administration and computer Graphics.

In the last years, management information systems, systems programming, simulation and modeling, human computer interface, distributed systems business information strategy, computer security, electronic commerce and artificial intelligence.

Career Opportunities

BSIT offers an in-depth introduction to career-focused specialist areas such as multimedia design, system and network administration, and security of information systems.

It lends itself better to careers in core IT functions such as network or IT management and systems administration in addition to providing opportunities for students interested in higher education to undertake postgraduate training in such fields as computer science, software engineering and multimedia technology.

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