Bachelor of Film and Animation

The bachelor of film and animation programme is a four-year degree programme that covers technical and creative components of filmmaking including concept development, screen writing, camera operation, production management, directing, editing and sound design.

Students are expected to create their own projects to develop skills as directors, producers and editors with the aim to become proficient filmmakers. They also gain expertise in digital film production, (film) business manae4ment, marketing and communications for the film related industries.

In the first two years of the bachelor program, students are introduced to the basics of film and animation including film theories, media ethics, cinematography, sound design, web design etc.

In the third and fourth years, courses are more specialized and industrially oriented including make-up and costume design, multimedia authoring, 3D graphic design, music in film, location scouting and set design, sound design, film editing, commercials production, film policy, film marketing.

Career Opportunities

Job opportunities in film animation and other sectors of the animation job market are on the rise.

Animators have opportunities to work with video games, special effects, web animation, advertising and e-learning, in addition to opportunities in traditional film animation.

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