Animal Welfare Foundation: Research Call Breeding for better welfare

Animal Welfare Foundation: Research Call Breeding for better welfare

This year’s call is for human behaviour change research proposals that cover the topic: “Breeding for better welfare: enabling human behaviour that leads to animals experiencing a better life”.

In 2021 AWF launched its three-year theme ‘Breeding for Better Welfare’, a wide-spanning theme encompassing serious welfare issues across a range of species. As well as guiding AWF to fund meaningful research, the theme also contributes to AWF’s activities of discussion and debate.

In our third and final year of this theme, this research call aims to fund innovative projects investigating how we can positively enable changes in human behaviour to improve the welfare of any managed species in the UK, with a particular focus on breeding issues.

AWF welcomes social science and qualitative projects, as these may be particularly effective methods for research aiming to enable human behaviour change. The charity is encouraging researchers from diverse backgrounds and disciplines to apply, fostering a collaborative and multidisciplinary approach to address the complexities of animal welfare challenges.


  • Projects must address animal welfare; projects focussing solely on physical health, disease or ethics, for example,
    will not be funded. Please refer to our What is Animal Welfare guidance.

  • Projects that are able to deliver impact and have a strong knowledge exchange plan will score highly, as generating discussion and debate around key animal welfare topics is at the core of AWF’s work. We will expect you to share your research with the veterinary professions and the wider animal welfare community, as well as present an update at our flagship event, the Discussion Forum.

  • AWF will consider exceptional projects on welfare issues that do not fall within this call, providing they meet the robust scientific criteria.

    How to Apply

    For more information and job application details, see; Animal Welfare Foundation: Research Call Breeding for better welfare

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