Amref Health Africa Tailored Sbcc Materials on Family Planning in Relation to Resilience Building Jobs in Ethiopia

Amref Health Africa Tailored Sbcc Materials on Family Planning in Relation to Resilience Building Jobs in Ethiopia

Job Id: 222992

Category: Consultancy and Training

Location: Addis Ababa

Career Level: Senior Level (5+ years experience)

Employment Type: Part time


Job Description

Amref Health Africa, headquartered in Kenya, is the largest Africa based international non-governmental organisation (NGO) currently running programs in over 35 countries in Africa with lessons learnt over 60 years of engagement with governments, communities and partners to increase sustainable health access in Africa.

Amref Health Africa also incorporates programme development, fundraising, partnership, advocacy, monitoring and evaluation, and has offices in Europe and North America as well as subsidiaries; Amref Flying Doctors, Amref Enterprises and the Amref International University.

Amref Health Africa has been active in Ethiopia since the 1960’s and became fully operational and registered as an international NGO in 2002.

Partnering with the Government of Ethiopia and local stakeholders we implement a diversified WASH and health project portfolios throughout the country focusing on three key programmatic areas:

  • Reproductive, Maternal, Neonatal, Child, Adolescent and Youth Health (RMNCAYH)

  • Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH)

    Communicable and Non-communicable Diseases Prevention (CNCD)

    Gender and human resources for health are crosscutting, reflected throughout the organization’s health portfolio.

    Our organization also engages in clinical outreach interventions and emergency programs including nutrition and resilience building of affected the continent: maternal and child care, HIV & TB, malaria, clean water and sanitation and surgical and clinical outreach.

    Family Planning for Resilience Building Project

    Amref Health Africa in Ethiopia is currently leading Family Planning for resilience building (RESET plus) project implemented in 5 clusters: Wolayta and South Omo Zones in SNNP Region; Wag Himra Zones in Amahra Region; Bale and Borena Zones in Oromia Region.

    All target areas, though presenting differences are all highly drought prone and food insecure. The woredas cover a mix of pastoral, agro-pastoral and purely agrarian livelihoods zones, most of which are heavily dependent on rainfall, which has proved to become more erratic and unpredictable in recent years.

    The recurring water shortage and crop failure, combined with increasing pressure on available natural resources, has led to a disruption of existing livelihoods and reduced opportunities for traditional coping mechanisms.

    In this line, need assessment findings in the target areas, found that the traditional coping capacities of the communities are on the decline owing to natural resource degradation and unfavourable socio-economic dynamics coupled with climate changes, land fragmentation and population pressure.

    Nutritional problems are very common in such drought, flood, complex vulnerable areas, particularly when compounded with large family sizes, with the most affected segments of the community being children under five, pregnant women and lactating mothers.

    Our rapid assessment has identified that high population pressure in the areas are a major contributor factor to high population density per square km, limited basic social service, food insecurity, limited job opportunity and long term drivers of migration and poverty and is therefore addressing the root causes of demographic pressure and ensure consolidated family planning service is a development agenda that the project need to
    address integrated with RESET and other implementing partners.

    Having large number of children in each family is one of the major reason to increase population density that cause pressure on social service, , scarcity of land, food, water and limited job opportunity.

    The inconsistency between the family income and family size has undermined the ability of people in project implemented districts to survive the risks to attain wellbeing of the population, food security and resilience to any shock.

    Thus there is a direct link between the population pressure, load on social service, scarcity of resource, food security and resilience building that need integrated approach and dealing with the root causes.

    By integrating Family Planning and promotion of SRH with the ongoing RESET projects aiming at improving access to basic services (especially water & water management systems), sustainable livelihood and employment opportunities for vulnerable youth and women, the present action will contribute in the improvement of health status as well as economic stability.

    One of the key characteristics of this will be the “diversification for preparedness”. Research indicates that a high degree of social and economic equity is important for resilience.

    The General Objective of the project

  • Contribute to resilience building through decreased demographic pressure by means of increasing demand and providing quality service on consolidated Family Planning (FP) practices in 5 EU RESET clusters.

    The Specific Objective of the project

  • Increase awareness on the impact of demographic pressure on food security and livelihoods and the importance of SRH, especially FP among community members.

  • Number of women, youth and adolescent boys and girls empowered to make informed SRH & FP decisions increased.

  • Improved quality SRH/FP services, delivered to women, adolescents and youth.

  • Strengthened/established multi-sector coordination for better access to quality SRH/FP services.

    Thematic areas of the tailored message

  • Importance of Family planning

  • Family planning knowledge increment, miss-conceptions avoidance and uptake increment

  • Family planning contribution to resilience building

  • Family planning relationship with livelihood, food security and natural resource

  • Family planning linkage with demographic pressure, woman empowerment and basic social service

  • Gender role on family planning

    Job Requirements

  • Bidders should be legally registered with renewed business license and TIN, or registration certificates from proper government authorities

  • Bidders should have a minimum of five years relevant experience

  • Experience with in similar area of the assignment and behavior change communication materials development is mandatory

  • Financial & technical proposals should be submitted in separate sealed envelopes to Amref Health Africa in Ethiopia Addis Ababa office with sealed documents before the deadline. Any submissions after the closing deadline will be rejected

    How to Apply

    Potential consultants are invited to collect TOR free of charge through email of until September 23, 2019 and can submit the proposal on September 24, 2019.

    The proposal shall include financial and technical proposals sealed in separate envelopes and submitted to Procurement department in person.

    Amref Health Africa, Ethiopia office

    Behind Bole Medhanialem Church

    Near to Abyssinia Building

    P.O.Box 20855, Code 1000

    Addis Ababa

    Amref Health Africa Tailored Sbcc Materials on Family Planning in Relation to Resilience Building Jobs in Ethiopia

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