Am I the Most Hated by God?

by David
(Athens, Greece)

For the past six or more months I have been applying for scholarships to assist me towards my tuition for my academic course in an Americana university in Athens Greece. I am a private student paying my way through. I fled my country during the war. For my undergraduate I paid my way throughout, after successive applications but no luck. Now in my graduate course of political Science and International Relations, history is trying to repeat itself. Please tell me, if am the most hated by God?

***** Of course you are not. Considering that we do not offer any scholarship, I am not in a position to clearly state the reason why you have not been able to be funded. The scholarships on our site are offered by many different organizations and they have distinct ways of selection. You have to look at a scholarship to know the eligibility criteria as is usually stated there.

Wish you luck.

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