Alps Electric Auto Account Manager Jobs in Malawi

Alps Electric Auto Account Manager Jobs in Malawi

Overall Purpose

  • This position is responsible to provide sales promotion and Account Management activities for the external and internal customers for the purpose of maintaining and growing business of existing products and expanding business into other domains.

  • This position is required to conduct business in a professional and cordial manner that will uphold the integrity and reputation of Alps Electric, Inc. This position maintains a thorough working knowledge of and adheres to the policies, regulations, and procedures of Alps Electric, Inc.

    Essential Functions

  • Quote new business and Design Change Requests (DCR) and coordinate fulfillment of customer requirements with Engineering.

  • Prepare presentation materials for the customer based upon Alps Engineering responses to technical questions.

  • Answer Request for Quotes (RFQs) and determine pricing and lead time for each individual order.

  • Review and prepare budgeting information and review capacity for on-going business.

  • Manage and support existing customers by meeting all customer quoting requests, completing part pricing evaluations, preparing tooling pricing evaluations, and supporting meetings involving engineering changes and open items.

  • Manage pre-production orders from the customer and order parts from manufacturing facility to meet customer requirements.

  • Support & participate in Product Planning Meeting (PPM) & Product Design Team (PDT) weekly meetings lead by the Project Lead. Lead any discussions related to costs, prototype orders, and preproduction orders.

  • Provide Sales and Account Management support in the monthly Operation Business Unit Meetings (OBU) lead by Production Planning.

  • Provide Sales and Account Management support in weekly Pre-CE (Concurrent Engineering) Meetings lead by Project Leader.

    Other Duties

  • Complete special projects as assigned by management.

  • Conduct research for new business opportunities.

  • Develop and implement strategic customer sales plans and forecasts to achieve Customer and Alps objectives.

  • Implement customer-specific sales forecasting activities.

  • Issue and track all sample builds for each new p/n for all pre-production builds.

  • Perform Sales and Account Manager tasks as defined in Roles and Responsibilities RASIC.

  • Perform other related duties as required.


    Education/Experience and/or Trainig

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Business or Engineering or equivalent experience required

  • Automotive sales application engineering and program management experience required

    Licenses and Certifications

  • Valid U.S. driver’s license required

    Tools and Equipment:

  • Use various office equipment, i.e., copier, fax, shredder, printer, etc.

    Account Manager Progression

  • LEVEL I: Minimum of 5 to 8 years’ experience required

  • LEVEL II: Minimum
    of 8 to 11 years’ experience required

  • LEVEL III: Minimum of 11 to 14 years’ experience required

    Mental Demands typically required

  • Concentration and attentiveness

  • High level of decision making

  • Manage multiple projects and tasks

  • High pressure for results

  • Independent judgment and discretion

  • High level of recordkeeping

  • Respond to angry or upset individuals

  • Read and comprehend instructions or work orders

  • Respond to unpredictability

  • Organize and prioritize

  • Relate to others

    Physical Demands typically required

    Constantly Incurred (more than 75% time on job)

  • Ability to sit

  • Repetitive finger movement

  • Ability to use both hands

  • Ability to communicate orally

  • Ability to hear communication

  • Specific visual requirements

  • Ability to operate a truck/motor vehicle

    Occasionally Incurred (up to 25% time on job)

  • Ability to stand

  • Ability to walk

  • Ability to lift up to 25 lbs.

  • Ability to carry up to 25 lbs.

  • Ability to use both legs

  • Ability to climb stairs

  • Use of depth perception

  • Use of color vision

    Working Conditions typically required

    FREQUENTLY INCURRED (between 26% and 75% time on job)

  • Work a shift between 8-12 hours

    OCCASIONALLY INCURRED (up to 25% time on job)

  • Domestic and international travel to other plants and/or client site

  • Required to be on call

    Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

    Problem-Solving Skills

  • Problems at this level not covered by defined procedures, only objectives are defined. Analysis and
    interpretation of problems of a somewhat diverse and moderately complex nature required.

  • Problems usually approached from a specific learned basis of knowledge to arrive at a solution.

  • Supervisor is concerned with final results. Supervisor may be consulted concerning issues that are new or of a more complex nature, but often action is taken without consultation.


  • Use verbal skills to transfer information to large groups and/or influence others


  • Prepare business documents, customer required documents, technical reports, and records


  • Ability to perform basic mathematical computations, including addition, subtraction,
    multiplication, division, and calculation of percentages and ratios.

  • Basic financial management, budgetary responsibility, and the ability to prepare project


  • Database / Contact Management


  • Internet / Email

  • Presentation Software

  • Spreadsheet Software

  • Word Processing Software

  • CAD Systems

    Other Characteristics

  • Strong & effective communication and presentation skills required

  • Knowledge of customer service best practices

  • Organizational skills

    How to Apply

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