Aged and Children Pastoralists Association Call for Freelance Consultant Jobs

Aged and Children Pastoralists Association Call for Freelance Consultant Jobs

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Category: Consultancy and Training, Management
Career Level: Senior Level (5+ years experience)

Job Description


Aged and Children Pastoralists Association (ACPA) is a local organization established in 2008 by a group of pastoral intellectuals and registered with the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia with Reg. No: 0358. It aims to support all marginalized pastoralists to improve their resilience through economic opportunities pertinent to their lifestyle so as to overcome livelihood shocks.

ACPA as an innovative national organization is committed to the stimulation of growth and expanding market access for the poor pastoralists and Agro-pastoralists through the approach of “Let market work for the poor.” as its prime thematic area of intervention.

Among the thematic areas of ACPA includes Market & Economic development, WASH, Education, and Emergency interventions. Presently ACPA operates in Siti, Fafan, Dollo, Liban and Dawa zones of Somali Region of Ethiopia.

Vision: ACPA envisions thriving, wealthy, healthy and highly resilient pastoralist and agro-pastoralist communities in Ethiopia.

Mission: Support and strengthen pastoralist communities for improved economic independence diversified income opportunities, increase educational coverages, superior health outcomes, and expanded climate-change resilience.

This will be achieved through implementing a series of innovative and empowering projects to accomplish significant and lasting change.

Project Background

Due to the growing trend of the climate change impact compounded by the dependency of the livelihoods of more than 85% of Ethiopian population on natural resources, the vulnerability of the rural population is becoming a serious issue in the country.

In response to recurrent drought situation and as part of development strategy, the Federal Government and regional states of Ethiopia have started putting in place, develop sectoral plans and strategies to mitigate risk and to adapt to both the short-term climate variability as well as longer term climate change.

Much progress has been made in recent years in building community resilience, from a few dozen pilot activities to many areas and communities in Ethiopia. Partners for Resilience (PfR) has contributed to this development in the period from 2011 – 2015.

Local government institutions were part of implementation of EIA include IRM interventions and this has improved the local government and community ownership of the project.

The recently approved DRM policy and Strategic Planning and Investment Framework (SPIF) recognized the importance of multi-sector and community-based strategy and approach.

General Objective 2:To facilitate the development and implementation of IRM sensitive EIA, and support investments to adhere to IRM principles

Specific Objective 2. 1: To enhance Investors adherence to IRM principles & support communities’ resilience to climate shocks & impacts by integrating IRM in their investment plans by 2019

Purpose of the ToR

The purpose of this ToR is to hire a consultant who will carry out training on an EIA include IRM in the targeted woredas i.e Moyale, Dekasuftu and Dollo Ado as part of enhancing Investors adherence to IRM principles & support communities’ resilience to climate shocks & impacts by integrating EIA include IRM in their investment plans by 2019.

The overall aim of the second phase of PfR project is to enhance community resilience through “Strengthening institutional stakeholders and communities of the targeted woredas of Moyale and Deka Suftu of Dawa Zone and Dollo Ado of Liban Zone through ACPA in their knowledge and capacities to pursue targeted constructive dialogues on EIA
include IRM in the interest of all people/community in the targeted sites, so that these communities, supported by the implementing partner organizations ACPA, are capable of enhancing their resilience.

This requires a sound evidence base (knowledge & learning system) on IRM and EIA, and improved capabilities to mainstream EIA include IRM IRM; Embarking on specific dialogue trajectories on IRM at grassroot beneficiaries site levels, focusing on the following interrelated site level activities as will be seen under the obligations and tasks of the Freelance consultant.

Major Tasks of the Freelance Consultancy

The following are main duties and tasks of the Freelance Consultant (but not limited).

1. Conducting four Multi-stakeholder meetings/conferences to raise awareness on the need and benefit of EIA-based and community involvement in investment decision making

2. Support the establishment of an environmental committee.

3. Provide capacity building ToT training so as to create awareness among local communities on the benefits of having establishment of localized environmental committee in Moyale and Deka Suftu of Dawa Zone and Dollo Ado of Liban Zone in collaboration with ACPA & Woreda DPPB & Agri, office

4. In one event create awareness by local communities on the impact private investments may have on the targeted environment in collaboration with ACPA & Woreda DPPB & Agri, office

5. Raising awareness on need and opportunities for action to address impact of climate change and unsustainable natural resource management

6. Conduct one training on awareness raising on IRM for community representatives in collaboration with ACPA stuff Woreda agriculture, & DPPB

7. In one event conduct the Facilitation of one-dialogues between relevant stakeholders, to ensure access to innovative and sustainable agricultural and veterinary service delivery packages (vet. Drugs, equipment’s and instruments)

Deliverables from The Freelance Consultant

I. Submit Inception report outlining the methodology, tools and plans on how to conduct the duties and the task mention here above.

II. Preparation of not less than ten pagers of combination report and recommendation.

III. Submission of all electronic files on CD or USB stick in Microsoft Office format. Any data, maps, figures, charts, etc. will be in a format acceptable to the client. The report, maps, plans, etc. will be the property of the client.

Job Requirements

Required Qualification and Skills
Education and Experience

  • Advanced university degree in Disaster Risk Management/Planning, Climate Change, Disaster Preparedness, Management, Disaster Response or Recovery, Early Warning Systems, Climatology or a related field and 5 and above years’ experience.
  • Impressive track record in delivering similar assignments and works and who can present testimonial documents.
  • It is highly advantage if the Freelance consultant is one who worked with any of the PfR consortium Member organization on PfR-I program/project, especially on similar assignments.


  • Demonstrable professional qualifications in DRR, Climate change and Social Development studies;
  • Experience of working with NGOs/UN Agencies such as UNDP in Ethiopia on DRR, Climate Change, environment, social development, policy and strategy development and implementation.

    Time frame

    The total time frame allocated for the whole process will be discussed with the winning candidate and then will be set based on the consensus to be reached between the Freelance Consultant and ACPA.

    How to Apply

    The deadline for the submission of the application is 10 days starting from the day advertisement went public

    interested and qualified applicant can can apply through the email below

    Aged and Children Pastoralists Association Call for Freelance Consultant Jobs

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