Africa Should Undergo Changes it Deserves

Its a short time since subscribed to and its so amazing and encouraging as it makes the unprivilaged feel that, they can get what they deserve to be educated like any other person, if they get assistance due to the information they get in the web.

Actually the passion, dedication and the positive intention you had to come up with a such organisation was really good.

Truly the idea was timely.

Being one of the affected educationally, I feel that you have to come up with some strategies to reach people by who don't know the issue of internet or even don't know how to do a search on internet.

I have been looking for scholarship and grants sine 2000 and not yet found one which suits me. I mean getting a scholarship or a grant is challenging and makes one to give up at an early stage.

So I propose that if you can put scholarships by area of specialization, it can assist as. e.g Am a CPA II holder which I did at KCA UNIVERSITY under work study, although now am out of college due to fees.

Can we come personally to your office for advice in order to find more tips on the search.

Definitely you can come to the office. You just need to call the number provided to make an appointment.

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