Advance Africa Visibility

by Francisco Omutsani
(Como , Italy)

I came to know of Advance Africa.Com for the first time, from a friend, when I travelled to Italy. I guess most of my colleagues back in Africa may still not be knowing of its existence. Yet it is supposed to enlighten them as they endevour to advance themselves.

I suggest that the site to seek for some backlinks from some popular websites to improve on its visibility. Only then, can it reach the vast majority in Africa.

Otherwise the site is really great one and it holds the very recipe that will Advance Africa, bravo for the good work and keep it up!!!!


Thanks Francisco,

I try to get links as much as possible. Unfortunately, my day has only 24 hours - not adequate for all I have to do including getting more scholarships and jobs.

I request readers to spread the word and put links to the website in their forums and other websites they visit.


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