Youtopia Grants

Youtopia Grants always thought that the world needs love. So for the past five years, we've shown it by granting $15,000 of free design or strategy services to an NGO that's making the world a better place.

This year, we're making that love a whole lot more free.

First, we're expanding our minds, offering not one grant but two. One 2009 Youtopia grant will go to an NGO and one will go to a Socially Responsible Business with a campaign or message that can truly rock the world.

Second, we'll be taking the ideas we receive and setting them free to be voted on by our hundreds of clients and thousands of fans.

This year, we'll let the world decide who the Youtopia grant finalists will be. Your project idea will become part of a global conversation about what the world needs now, giving it great exposure even if you don't end up with the big prize.

Youtopia is Free Range plus Free Love plus You (it's also $15,000 to revamp your website, rethink your strategy, make an online movie or rebrand).

Application Deadline; October 31,

For More Information and Application, Please Visit; Youtopia Grants Website