Youth Sexuality Institute Grants

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Youth Sexuality Grants:

Young people between ages 18 – 25 years who are committed to undertake efforts to promote adolescent and youth sexual and bodily health and rights at national and international levels are invited to apply to participate in the Youth Sexuality Institute.

The goal of the Youth Sexuality Institute is to contribute to the creation of a generation of young people who have a positive view about human sexuality and are empowered to make safe and responsible choices.

The support for participation will include travel grant, visa, accommodation and perdiems.

However, this support is only for the duration of the institute and not for the Africa Conference on Sexual Health and Rights.

Participants will have the opportunity to:

Develop a better understanding of their sexuality, clarify their values and affirm their sexual health and rights;

Build the skills to prevent violation of their bodily integrity, take care of their sexual health, and express love and intimacy in responsible ways.

Understand gender and rights and how these issues have an impact on how they choose to exercise their sexuality in a positive way.

Application Deadline; January 8th.

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