Young Communicators Fund

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Young Communicators Fund:

The Institute for Humane Studies will award small grants to advanced students and recent graduates pursuing non-academic careers to help them take advantage of strategic short-term opportunities that can enhance their abilities and credentials to pursue careers that involve the communication of ideas.

Actual grant amounts often vary with particular circumstances, though most grants fall below $500.

Grants cannot be awarded for tuition or living expenses associated with pursuing a degree. To qualify for consideration, applicant must:

  • be a college junior or senior, a graduate student, or a recent graduate,
  • have a clearly demonstrated interest in the "classical liberal" tradition of individual rights and market economies,
  • be intent on pursuing a career in journalism, film, writing (fiction or nonfiction), publishing, or market-oriented public policy, and
  • have arranged or applied for an internship, training program, or other short-term opportunity related to applicant's intended career.

    Application deadline: Rolling. (Allow at least six weeks for application processing and review.) For more details and application, visit; Young Communicators Fund More: Small Grant Funds » Postgraduate Funds » International Funds