Scholarships for Women’s Leadership Training in Economics

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Scholarships for Women’s Leadership Training in Economics:

The program will provide post-graduate training in applied policy economics for 31 women from eight developing countries including Sierra Leone, Tanzania, Nepal, Guinea, Angola, Vietnam, Ecuador and Pakistan.

The women selected will benefit from a two-year U.S. based Master’s program in Economics starting in September.

Participants are expected to return to their various home countries to participate in the economic policy making their, upon graduation.

The Women Leadership Training in Economics program is designed with a view that an advanced training in policy economics for women will lead to a qualified cadre of female economists to participate in and eventually lead economic policy making.

The objectives of the program include providing participants with the leadership skill necessary to assume senior level positions at the forefront of economic policy making in USAID-assisted countries; providing participants with a solid training in economics that is policy oriented and providing participants the opportunity to study with colleagues from the United States, their own countries and other countries, thus providing a network of fellow economists to draw upon in their careers.

The program covers all costs including required visas, academic qualification test fees, tuition, and room & board.

The scholarship does not cover travel for the family or children of selected participants. However, U.S. academic institutions sometime have provisions that can meet this need.

Candidates are required to submit an application form and curriculum vitae. The application form is available on the US Embassy and USAID websites.

For more information, contact your US Embassy and website: Scholarships for Women’s Leadership Training in Economics

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