Women’s Art Residency

A residency for women has been scheduled for eight weeks in Cape Town, South Africa, where they will be sharing an open studio space at the historical Castle of Good Hope.

These women will represent Africa from regions of eastern, western, northern and southern Africa, as well as three from South Africa (Cape Town, Western Cape and the rest of the country) and finally two from outside Africa (Europe, America, etc.).

The objective of this residency is to source and nurture new emerging female artists and crafters, especially of colour in Africa, which would not normally be afforded the opportunity to develop this innate talent.

During this eight week residency scheduled from Monday the 18th of January to Sunday 14th of March the eight selected artists will be able to make art for seven weeks, attend exhibitions, visit galleries and other studio spaces within the city.

They will also be required to host a public intervention in the form of an outreach to young women of the city.

This outreach will simultaneously serve as part of an audience development exercise.

The residency will be hosted by GoodHope Art at GoodHope Art Studios.

GoodHope Art is a registered non profit organisation.

GoodHope Art’s main objectives are to provide working and exhibition space for emerging artists and artcrafters in order to prepare and empower them in rural and urban areas of Africa for the tourists and art market.

The organisation’s secondary objective is to collaborate with governmental authorities, art organisations and private sector to implement art projects; foreign exhange training and mentoring programmes, especially for newly qualified artists, to ensure sustained social cultural development.

Deadline: 16th August

For more information and application, visit: Women’s Art Residency Website

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