Volunteer at Nehemaland Queens & Kings Home

Nehemaland Queens and Kings Children’s Orphanage was started in the year 1996 after God rescued the founder and her three children from the streets. Sister Grace Omundi took in her first orphan; a seven month old baby girl who had been abandoned on the street, and named her a queen.

Just a few years before, Grace and her three children were out on the streets themselves and had experienced the dangers and hardships that come from living a street life.

Through hard work and perseverance, Grace was not only able to make a living and provide a better life for her family but was also able to help the street children and orphans that she encountered daily.

She began a street children feeding program in 1996 and for five years she fed hundreds of children. Between the years 2000 – 2004, Grace identified some orphans and vulnerable street children and began gathering them twice a week at the Satellite police station where she provided them with meals and religious counselling.

In 2004, Grace took three orphans into her two-bedroom home made of iron sheets. She now had four orphans and her three children to care and provide for. Soon after they moved into a four bedroom house which enabled her to take in fifteen more little girls and change their status from orphans to that of queens.

Through the support of a volunteer from the United States, they were able to move yet again into a larger self-contained house that had eight bedrooms. The property also houses another eight rooms, separate from the main house, which serve as the children’s sleeping quarters and classrooms.

Grace felt so blessed to have a larger home for her family and the orphans to live that she felt inspired to take in more orphaned children and provide a home for them and a better life. In the span of six months she acquired twenty-six more boys and girls making a total of fifty Kings and Queens.

She then officially named the orphanage Nehemaland Queens and Kings Palace and strives to ensure that the children feel loved, special, and at home. The Queens and Kings are provided with food, clothes, a bed in which to sleep, and an education.

Grace and her family are working towards turning this orphanage into a true palace where the children have desks and chairs to sit at during class, qualified teachers to educate their minds, better sleeping facilities so there is no need for each bed to be shared between four children, a variety of foods to ensure that they are getting enough of the required nutrients to improve and maintain their health, healthcare so they can grow up strong and able, and counselling to help them work through their emotional problems caused by their tragic and undeserving pasts.

The challenges faced by Nehemaland include

  • Lack of food
  • Clothing: They lack warm clothes for the cooler months and many catch a cold as a result of this.
  • Shoes
  • School uniforms: Many of the children do not have a uniform for school.
  • Accommodations: There are four children per bed.
  • School desks: There are no school desks or chairs for the children to work at during class which means that they sit on the cold concrete floor during class. If they had chairs and desks they would be better able to focus on the material being taught and perform better in school.
  • School materials: Many do not have pens or pencils. There is only one textbook per subject per classroom and 6-8 students must share one textbook between them. There is only one chalkboard eraser that is shared between 5 classrooms.

    Volunteering at Nehemaland

    Nehemaland orphanage Kenya seeks to provide adequate nutrition, clothing, health care, love, and excellent education to vulnerable children. Volunteers are needed for various tasks at the orphanage.

    We regularly place volunteers to this orphanage. Your placement there will depend on the number of volunteers there at the time of application and the needs of the orphanage.